EVP Alignment, Internalisation

Our mandate involves aligning EVP and actively shaping the employee experience through the life-cycle; supporting new or existing EVPs and their delivery, for impact on both culture and your bottom line.

EVP Alignment and Internalisation phase puts the focus squarely on aligning EVP to ensure consistency of messaging, actions, activities, and behaviours. 

Essentially extending the delivery of the ‘employment experience’ promise; to win over talent and deliver more trust, advocacy, productive teams, increased brand loyalty.   EVP Touchpoints, EVP Alignment, Employer Brand Touch-points - The Higher Mix


Throughout your project, the opportunities are made more obvious and solution clear.  Employer brand programs from The Higher Mix highlight just where urgent change, touch-point process realignment is required.   

Bad hiring decisions and staff turnover are regularly attributed to improper alignment of potential candidates, organisational values and/or cultureSo embedding EVP into HR activities, strategy and output can avoid this – and likewise prevent any disjoint in EVP experience.

Brand Alignment The Higher Mix

Aligning EVP, Internalization

EVP Internalisation The Higher Mix

Internalising an EVP, as with any implementation, requires sponsorship and dedicated approach from execs/senior management driving the strategy.

And solid support also from mid-level leaders across lines, agencies and departments.

Existing talent sets the “tone” of the business to potential recruits – so its vital to align your people’s expectations, feelings, perceptions with the employer brand.  Esp. if your organisation wants to maintain its reputable positioning, quality servicing and a motivated, productive workforce.

Evaluation and engagement phases earlier in this EB process give Higher Mix’s change and brand specialists very clear direction on decisions to be made, and the barriers to more competitive EVP.

Alignment Strategy (People, Processes, Practices, Systems)

  • EVP alignment to organisation’s vision, values and strategy
  • Facilitate, communicate and react to employee feedback, in relation to misalignment between company EVP and workplace experience
  • EVP as framework established for all talent management activities and workforce communications
  • Define specific EVP behaviours to be “lived” by teams, leaders
  • EVP as reference point in interactions with (assessments of) line management and executives
  • Assimilate the company and employer brand/s
  • Pressure test and claims-test EVP 
  • Policy, process alignment action to enhance EVP experience
  • Evaluate, align and or redesign existing talent management processes
  • Re-align branding, communications, advertising strategies in line with EVP
  • Recruitment, candidate, internal staff touch-points – contact points internally expanded on EVP outcomes; induction, work environment, L&D, retention strategy, career development plans etc
  • Brand values ingrained > performance management
  • Leaders and line managers engaged; anchor EVP with Leaders
  • Planned workshops, activities to internalise and embed EVP behaviours
  • Educating staff on how to convey, explain EVP (accompanying narratives.)
  • Address culture levers, and support mechanisms for your EVP
  • Measure – strategy gains traction; people practices, communications, holistic talent management.