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Growth Hack Marketing

The Higher Mix gives organisations the ability to react quickly to changing marketing conditions. Trusted with some of the most challenging marketing problems for organisations, ‘connecting the dots’ on consumer behaviour, perception, sentiment and opinion.    

With multi-disciplined experienced marketers, analysts (strategic and creative), data/system designers, experts in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, account managers, culture transformation experts and brand strategists all offering deeper visibility, wider reach, innovative and controlled testing to full scale implementation, across the entire brand, marketing, sales, customer and product development environments.  

Whether developing new brands, re-positioning existing ones, identifying, overcoming bottlenecks or seizing growth opportunities, we are here to help.

.Acquire Convert Customers The Higher Mix

Move up the knowledge curve.

Strategic Marketing

Customer Understanding & Experience 



Positioning and Promotion


Digital Marketing

Social Media

Re-invigorate Websites   



Content Production & Marketing

Affiliate Marketing 


Automated Campaigns

Email Marketing


Funnel Creation



                                  Data & Intelligence

Smart Tagging


A/B Testing

Customised Reporting



Marketing Advisory Focused On Relationships, Performance and Progress

Transformed Marketing and Technologies

The Higher Mix leads companies to define, interpret and answer the right questions.  First we identify the pain-points, before helping you to prioritize future strategy.   Revealing to our client partners just  where their investment is best served, and based on sophisticated data analysis….and not on “hunches”.  

Interconnected Marketing, People, Technology and Data; personalized across channels, gets your organisation closer to the customer”, listening and delivering the most relevant, beautiful content at just the right time.   

Whether small online marketing initiative to scaling and growth – we show client organisations where and how real value is created fast.  

Engage, acquire, convert or retain customers more effectively. Build customer value-chains, improve on the perception-credibility-reputation of your brand.   Add additional marketing resources and processes into your mix, or perhaps just simply ramp up particular campaigns, response times so you have quality interactions and engagement with customers/ internal teams.      

Flexible Engagement Structures 

The Higher Mix engages clients in flexible arrangements, any structure, from full scale strategic brand marketing programs to short-term turn-around assignments.  

Get agile project managers, scrum-masters, brand marketing digital gurus at your side and bolstering your team’s progress… select the set-up that works best for you and for company goals and budget.