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Brand Identity

Branding sways talent, customers and markets more readily to the decision corridor; influencing people’s perceptions, engagement and building credibility.  Also a vital trust and appeal builder, esp. in convoluted, crowded markets.  

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Brand Identity is what identifies and distinguishes your business or product over another.  Directly influences how the organization identifies itself and wants to be perceived in the market.   Giving both consumers and potential talent grounds to instantly relate, connect into your services, new product or company.      

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Brands are complex, esoteric subject matter.  Mostly because they are created in the mind.  See our image at right.  Noticing how Brand Identity is an aggregation of organisational vision, brand image and personality, brand promise to stakeholders, and competitive advantage.  It will consider feelings, thinking, perceptions, expectations of internal teams and target market consumers?  

Uniquely, we term those brand protocols.  The select mental and functional associations that aren’t always only just a ‘reason-to-buy’ either.   Typically, they must act as purveyors of mind-share, familiarity, differentiation; and an assurance to customers and internal teams that you are who you say you are…

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Strong brand identity improves awareness of your company or product, its style and appeal, motivates teams and drives allegiances, pride for the company. 

Brand Identity

The Higher Mix assists organisations to craft, position and to communicate stronger brand identity to consumers (and internal teams) through powerful brand marketing and agile implementation of this strategy.  Activating buyers by establishing immediate connection between consumer desire and your product, service or technology.  Which leads to increased brand loyalty, preference, credibility, favourable pricing and stronger financial returns.

We own proprietary company brand frameworks, tools, best practice processes that build far stronger brand identities and positioning.    Helping you channel deep understanding and comprehension of touch-point impact, interplay and effect being had upon your organization’s reputation, image and business operations.  

Brand Strategy (Brand Identity is part of this), defines tactics, methods for differentiation over competitors, and which actions are going to more deeply connect and convert customers (and internal teams, for that matter…)  


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  • Brand positioning (Mind-share, Distinctiveness, Differentiation)
  • Review, Measure Brand Equity
  • Brand Meaning:  Resonance Sources – Key Messages, Narratives (audiences, personas)
  • Customer Value Propositions (CVP)
  • Employee Value Propositions (EVP)
  • Online Value Proposition (OVP)
  • Define, Redefine Brand Protocols:
    •    Overarching, shared Visions
    •    Brand Attributes:  key features and capabilities of the organisation
    •    Brand Benefits: sets of emotional/functional benefits converting target markets 
    •    Values / Beliefs: deeper emotional connection between the brand and teams; and hence markets
    •    Brand Personality:  tone of voice, creativity, imagery and visual language
    •    Brand Essence:  consensus around the smallest expression of what’s unique (and special) about your brand.