Better manage the data universe; unravel entirely new context, connections and value.


Value from selecting the right combination of projects, so easily destroyed by the wrong decisions.

On average, 30% of total business value on average is eroded by businesses who choose to do projects which aren’t fully considered, aligned to the strategy or ready. 

Helping customers get far more control over their portfolios.

Projects, systems and structures which have long supported organisations through previous regimes, are no longer competitive or working. Many cannot reliably deliver the required solutions to problems which extend beyond their level of structural complexity.  And typically, humans will resort to form of apathy or paralyze in the face of such situations.

What we know is for a system to maintain its level of functionality (read: evolve into a new form) - different functional and social structures have to emerge out of the distributed parts.  As change specialists, project management execs and AI experts - we are heavily focused on the specific needs of project-centric organisations, often with sizable capital portfolios; helping them take the cost /time out of existing processes; and guiding their focus/ reinvestments into other areas and new innovation.

With our AI consortium partners, guiding companies to make more informed, high-stakes, future-shaping decisions.  To set the right strategy, change directions to underpin your existing drive to stay successful. 

Helping customers get far more control over their portfolios