Ready to improve your personal brand? 

Develop your strengths, identify and mitigate weaknesses.   Glean valuable perspectives.  Shift the emphasis onto growth, and work up your own vision (better approach to manifest this.)

We offer businesses and busy professionals personal coaching support.  

Support from, direct access to our experts in strategy, marketing and culture when you need them the most.   Collaborative processes specifically tailored to the teams', or a person's own needs.  For either several sessions, or duration of your whole project. 

Fine-tuned Profiles, 
Presence and Mindsets.

Builds Trust, Relationships and Networks 

Authentic Personal Branding is a journey; culmination of what you are, and aspire to be.

Central to building on your own reputation, profile to achieve our work and life goals.  Professionally, personally why you're uniquely different, and the obvious person for the job.

One Life.  

Many Reasons...

Personal branding is one of today’s leading career strategy topics.  Essential tool for visibility and for thriving in today’s work environment.  

Not some sort of fad either but a strategic, smart approach to get noticed, promote oneself, manoeuvre into a new C-suite position or Board appointment. Equally, to accelerate entrepreneurship, and release deeper engagement from potential customers and/or clients. 

Refine and Harness Your Potential

Ability to understand our own strengths and leverage these to reinforce positioning, that's what differentiates the winners, from all the rest...  

Speak with us on how we will assist you to identify a swath of your own standout qualities, characteristics that make you the ideal choice.

Our personal branding modules, are tried, tested and proven at elevating people's standing, recognition and success.  Relying on powerful, cut-through messaging about the person, in the process.  


Welcome to your Next Phase of Growth. 

Unravel your

Big Goals & Desires

Get clearer around what you want (...and don't.)  

Profile, Expertise,

Skills and Quals 

Personal Brand Statements, key attributes and characteristics unique to you.  

Encapsulates all those wonderful things about you - personality traits, background, current position, CV, roles, and all that potential in between....   

'Out of the Box' Influence: Career + Targeting  

Good personal branding isn’t easy.... requires tremendous amount of self-awareness, action and accountability to present yourself to the world well.

Your Coach:

Jo Woodfield

Owner and Founder, THE HIGHER MIX

Get Straight into it.

Taking action today, to become the best version of yourself!

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