Research & Intelligence

The Higher Mix provides insights and intelligence on brands, categories, businesses and consumer behaviours. 

Generating solutions in shorter cycles to many of our clients' toughest business problems, The Higher Mix researchers inform the path to value-creation leading companies to cope with rapid change, across widest range of marketing, team and operational scenarios.

Increase your company's capacity by better comprehending consequences of strategic direction and of decisions being made - avoid potential missteps, faulty assumptions and/or unnecessary waste in the process.

Our qualified, specialised researchers delve into the diagnostics, brand experience and/or organisational behaviour.  Showing organisations how to better anticipate and respond quicker to complex, changing business pressures.   For in-depth knowledge, analysis and reporting on consumer and marketplace behaviours, motivations, perceptions, reactions and dynamics.   Analysis of issues; external, internal forces affecting consumer and company strategy.  To glean necessary foresight on emerging trends and practices (and incorporate those into future brand planning and team activities.)    

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Multi-faceted research techniques; data collection, full suite analytics, quality reporting.

From evaluating brand positioning, company reputation, value, quality, performance, marketing ROI, servicing, brand equity, consumer knowledge structures and/or favourability;  all about the right data and approach execs need to alter and improve strategy, roll out stronger programs and support key decision-making.   We provide the knowledge, analysis and reporting on consumer and marketplace behaviours, motivations, perceptions, reactions and dynamics.  Targeting new (rich) consumer insight and the deeper potential for change and growth.  

Fully managed research programs, speedy, cost-effective research services; quantitative & qualitative data collection, fieldwork, analysis and reporting so that your organisation accesses real (valuable) data, incl. gaps or bottlenecks hampering information-flow, innovation and/or execution.

Organisations and people exercising best judgment    

Get in touch for a more complete understanding of the drivers, nuances of current state (identifying patterns, and not-so-evident priorities) that are affecting your organisation, and a better grasp on changes in B2B and B2C environments - awareness, engagement, lead gen and conversion.  

Whether you seek to achieve that foot-hold in new markets, deliver multi-country research projects or simply taking a first step to better understanding (and working with) the opinions, perceptions and behaviours of diverse groups. We evaluate brand positioning, company reputation, value, quality, performance, marketing ROI, servicing, brand equity, consumer knowledge structures and/or favourability - all of the right data in an approach your execs need to alter | improve strategy, to roll out stronger programs and support key decision-making. 


Because we're strategic, not only market or brand researchers but organisational change experts. 

Analysis and reporting that goes deeper; accompanied with expert guidance and recommendations on findings as standard in any of our research studies.  Analysts and research associates at The Higher Mix are entrepreneurial, they have heightened commercial sense to comprehend market dynamics.

Company, market or brand research gives your organisation openings for increasing marketing-driven growth; acts as an enduring platform for organisational change agendas or predetermination of new direction strategy, and a whole lot more...  

The Higher Mix researchers are astute business profilers, with report writing and delivery skills second to none.  Our clients are assured of receiving easy-to-understand, valid and actionable reporting - with beautiful, visual dashboards with prudent advice on the next steps. 


Emotional Connectivity To Customers.

Customers represent growth; we are all well aware of the economics of retaining customers over winning them back.  The Higher Mix guides companies to participate in two-way conversations with their consumers, clients, customers, teams about operations, performance and the relationship.  

With baseline for activity, participation and advocacy; we explore future potential of your brand, incl. strengths and improvement areas:

Brand and Market Research Services - Game Changing Insight 

  • Participatory consumer/ client research
  • Client feedback mechanisms; problem-framing
  • Community opinion, Community Engagement studies
  • Stakeholder interviews and  Focus Groups to build trust and deeper partnerships
  • Review service, product portfolios
  • Competitive Landscape analysis
  • Customer satisfaction, interpretation, motivations, habits
  • Emerging risks, opportunities
  • Narrative testing;  pilot hierarchy of communications and messaging: specific consumption responses
  • Consumer surveys/customer care
  • 360° engagement, customer conversion, sales volume and equity (ATL/BTL, digital, sponsorship, communications, brand activation)
  • Commitment & loyalty research (critical, latent or unmet needs)
  • Consumer interest, conversion tracking; interactions with product categories and how customers make choices. 


Evaluate human relationships, progress and performance.

The Higher Mix has a range of quant and qual diagnostic tools, evaluation techniques to observe and measure human interactions, experiences and gauge perceptions and motivations.  

Business intelligence for strategic planning purposes; actionable data on prospects, challenges.  Evaluation and research offering your organisation real clarity to comprehend strategy implications, workplace sentiment, structure and much more.


  • Expansive view of causality; dimensions to team and consumer interactions;  methodology and participatory research that deeply analyses leaders, team and customer sentiment and actions
  • Analysis “as is” organisational health, business structure, roles, responsibilities and workflows
  • Assess internal brand environments and servicing: observe, measure and interpret
  • Evaluate operational readiness - limiting systems, touch-points and practices
  • Design, conduct organisational, functional assessments
  • Illuminate knowledge, skills gaps between current and future state organisation
  • Relevance, prevalence of company core messaging, communications channel effectiveness
  • Brand health research, equity and positioning
  • Climate, Satisfaction, Engagement, Alignment research
  • Culture assessment, identification - Competing Values
  • Employee experience plot, identify gaps; ideal solution
  • Customer care - client experience and satisfaction
  • Employee mindsets / opinion – elicit relevant, important data
  • Brand health, equity and positioning
  • Sales and marketing ROI assessments, brand communications review
  • Competitive intelligence.