Find, Create More Value 

The Higher Mix crafts, executes, manages and measures communications strategy, integrative campaigns and actions.  Our multi-disciplined team of agile, digital marketing and communications specialists deliver impactful and strategic communications to support marketing objectives. 

Rolling comms strategy underpins the most important business imperatives, for carefully positioned narratives, electrifying campaigns and on-brand communications which sway even the most resistant of audiences.   Keeping the messaging real, fresh and relevant to teams internally and media, shareholders and/or customers externally.   

Every brand must have its own specific communication strategies (counter-productive to replicate others or just repeat existing strategy.)   

Credentialed creative and comms specialists coming to you, or alternatively, we can align to work cohesively with your chosen creative agency.  Regardless of the set up, for the organisation’s business and brand ideologies, narratives and positioning that’s captivating, and translates quickly and cost-effectively.

Communications Advisory

  • Channel shift strategy across segments, multi-channel environments
  • Defined communication & mobilisation strategies for wide set of stakeholders
  • Assess, improve interpersonal communications (barriers, behaviours, language, interactions) 
  • Coaching and developing marketing communications capabilities, skill-sets in your team
  • Communication vehicles; Omni-channel fulfillment/platforms promoting sustained messaging, personalization, reach, efficiency
  • Specifics to customer sets – persona segmentation, perceptions, expectations, activities
  • Communications Audits
  • Brand profile focus appeal  “moments of truth”, brand stories – value from ‘intangibles’
  • Smart technologies data-mine, insights, identify relationships in data-sets
  • Information Communication Architecture; Flow, Communicative practices
  • Integrated Communication Plans (division, department or organisation-wide)
  • Review, improve relationships with charitable partners, CSR, volunteer programs, partnership/sponsorship processes.
  • Liaison and editorial guidance to Media – online and off
  • Cross-cultural communications (comparative differences, similarities, messaging, interpretation)

Internal Marketing Communications