Business Strategy and Risk

Helping companies to make high stakes, future-shaping decisions.  

A unique confluence of strategic advisers who are driving measurable improvements in organisational performance and effectiveness.  

We are highly experienced business strategy team, and in a consortium with Artificial Intelligence, machine learning specialists who have global experience with some of the largest organisations on the planet.

Dealing across dimensions of People, Process, Culture, Technology, Governance and Brand; with added strength of our AI consortium partners, we enable transformative change;  distinguish businesses and brands across the competitive landscape and adding our local heavy industrial know-how to this means we can rapidly deliver big value benefits.

Sound business strategy begins with Vision.

Evaluating current state, gleaning key insights from your team and clients is the arsenal required, if companies intend to transition to new ways of working and execute fresh strategy that gains ground on competitors, and yet still preserves the business DNA.


Asking the right questions.   Why does your organisation exist?    What's most valued?   What do you build / buy / operate?  Your people's behaviours and motivations?   How does the business deliver value? and to whom?   Are you getting the most out of your capital?  May seem a bit inane - but these are exactly the style of questions that underpin the most critical directions and important decisions being made inside your business.   


There are many things you could do. How do you select and optimize the right combination of projects and assets to predictably and competitively deliver your vision?


Companies examine many different dimensions critical for success, as they deliver a new vision for the business - and it gets more complex by the day.... 

Making momentum the priority, flip obstacles to opportunities

Working with execs and projects to overcome accumulated tensions, negative externalities and redefine pathways to reinvention.  Getting past the limitations of often-unsustainable processes, preventing depletion of resources and identifying new revenue.