Personal Brands: Profile, Credibility and Reputation

Personal Branding

Each of us wants to leave our mark on the world, on others and in our working life.  

Personal branding, if strategic, concentrates not just on what's unique about us, it deeply examines the impact we are having on others and intercedes to do something about it.

Why should I build on my own Personal Brand? 

Profile, credibility, reputation, networks and sphere of influence – these comprise uniquely WHO we are, inherently what it is we stand for, as individuals.  Actually, it’s a construct not too dissimilar to organisational branding.

Personal brand programs examine a person’s valuable traits, personal strengths, skills and characteristics (elements typically under their control), arming them with the confidence/ skills to handle tougher situations (which aren’t always so under their control.)

Personal Branding What is it   THE HIGHER MIX PERTH

Our Personal Brand Programs

At The Higher Mix’s we coach progressive people on their personal brands.  Using a strategic, evidence-based framework, to provide people with a deeper level of self-awareness, understanding their own talents – also any shortcomings/ areas for improvement.   Our organizational physiologists guide leaders and high-potential talent to an increased level of awareness, understanding, resilience and impact in the workplace;  and by extension, deliver these same outcomes into the person’s home life, and across the broader community.

Energised | Empowered | Unstoppable:

Personal branding drives interest and investment into our own skills, interpersonal qualities and potential. 

  • Individual profiling;  evaluation, assessment
  • Coaching; foundational strategy sessions with qualified coach, mentor or sponsor
  • Strategies to sustain / improve your brand
  • Personal Brand Constructs - Specialization | Leadership | Personality | Distinctiveness | Visibility | Resilience | Persistence | Unity | Goodwill
  • Customised personal brand plans (quarter, half-year, annual)
  • Biographies; personal profiles - social media tools, presence
  • Career Transition Advice/ Succession Planning 
  • One-to-one participant, group or organisation-wide programs.