The Higher Mix guides companies to improve a brand’s positioning, profile, customer loyalty and shareholder value.  Those sort of outcomes depend greatly upon consistent delivery of a quality team and customer experience.

Internal branding unites, connects teams, managers, supervisors, execs and key influencers; for deeper engagement, team voice and the informative means to articulate current state and the brand’s unfolding direction and strengths.

Improve Employee Experience For More Value:

Characteristics EVP  Employee Experience   The Higher Mix

Team contributions create organisational value and sustainability.


Companies are most rewarded when they develop human resource capabilities and engage their people.

Great teams deliver on the corporate brand identity, build on the company’s reputation, stakeholder relationships and contribute to growth.  Our employee experience solutions are developed with life-cycles in mind.

Applying strong conceptual abilities across multi-discipline group environment, The Higher Mix helps companies glean unique perspectives on strengths and gaps (actionable insight) on the talent experience:

  • Assess |report | advise on 44 different characteristics, attributes of employee experience
  • Develop the Employer Branding suite
  • Elicit important opinion on company’s operations (incl. unique differentiation)
  • Provide knowledge, context of just how a business is viewed / respected as an employer and as a service provider
  • Longevity in the workplace – ageing workforce considerations, tacit knowledge capture
  • Facilitate quality learning experiences at all levels of a business
  • Calibrate performance levels to meet and exceed competitive norms
  • Dialogue and interactions with key stakeholders
  • Encourage talent to contribute their ideas into improving performance
  • Support teams to model positive responses to underlying strategy, logic to change
  • Overcome resistance, non-compliance and/or criticism relating to change
  • Develop personal and professional styles, skill-sets
  • Actively galvanise | reinforce other group & personal behaviours your organisation wants
  • Awareness across teams; accurately differentiate between important / unimportant issues (awarding appropriate weight to stakeholder concerns)

Any way you slice it, engaging your people is still one of best platforms to equip them to adapt faster and achieve their higher potential. Employee Experience Impact on Customer Service - The Higher Mix

Employee Engagement, Employee Experience Services 

Our organisational psychologists are advising on culture, leadership development, behavioural change and creating closer alignment:


  • Employee engagement seminars, workshops and coaching
  • Psychometric assessment, evaluation exercises for team, individuals and candidates
  • Explore personal potential, perspectives (for meaningful advantage)
  • Reinforce individual strengths, accomplishments, helping-behaviours
  • Self-examination, understand own behaviours at work
  • Temper emotion, self-confidence, mastery
  • Presence, influence and impactful communication
  • Enhance employee experience, performance standards.


  • Team diagnostics – evaluation, assessment of motivation, perceptions
  • Genuine engagement practices for key audiences
  • Assess strengths, developmental needs, future potential (across range of competencies)
  • Wider staff engagement strategies, practical plans
  • Educate on power | purpose of brand
  • Affirmative, rich conversations
  • Wellness and mindfulness programs.