Competitive EVP Assessment

The Higher Mix employer branding will assess perceptions of your employer brand by target audience – internal teams, potential talent and candidates, external partners, recruiters, clients even, along with those other crucial stakeholders who contribute to the brand’s success.

What associations and mental images do stakeholders really have of your company?

How are teams internally, customers and recruiters actually interacting?  Do people relate to the company vision and what its endeavouring to achieve?  Are you  effectively communicating strategic intent?  And what about company values – are these practiced, as they are preached?


Employer brand and reputation are key factors in minds of at least 76% of prospective employees – that makes our EVP and research teams as equally concerned with reputational constructs, as with brand ones.

Gap Analysis

The Higher Mix gap provides you with knowledge and understanding of just how the business is being perceived (internal and external perspectives).

Measure, analyse a wide range of attributes and constructs, for much more reliable, accurate information about your operations, performance, team perspectives and perceptions – a more complete picture of current employee experience, EVP attributes and culture inside the four walls.

We pinpoint all those wonderful elements which make an organisation so appealing (and different) -while we’re at it, identify unknown (future) needs of the people, to and how these are affecting the way they work;  internal systems, technology, process that might be hampering the employee life cycle, their work …..and hence their motivation.


  • Discover: scope, understand company strategy, goals/ broader talent / skills objectives
  • Quant and Qual analysis framework basis for a stronger, purposeful employer brand
  • Reveal attributes and drivers; employer attractiveness, talent management; EVP engagement drivers
  • Assess current state; employer reputation (stakeholder viewpoints)
  • Two-way conversations with target audiences – recruiters, clients, leaders and teams
  • Current workforce perceptions (reality of team environment), value, pain-points
  • Gap analysis, advanced mapping techniques to counter a range of issues
  • Unravel decision process stages of target groups; requirements; talent appeal, consideration, awareness, actions
  • Realistic understanding of ‘who we are’; how the company is perceived as an employer; and changes required
  • Plot, analyse employee life-cycle, candidate experiences (data points, identify potential EVP territories)
  • Review company management practices, processes
  • Assess competitor positioning; review narratives
  • Extensive desk research (review, advice on company evidence, survey methodologies, data)
  • Establish employer brand metrics and project KPIs.