Employer Branding Process

There are no ‘easy steps’ to developing stronger employer branding….it takes time, temerity, investment, appetite for change and a strategic approach. 

The Higher Mix’s employer branding methodology is best practice, evidence-based process; validated by data and existing team feedback…not based solely on people’s “hunches”.   Employer Branding Roadmap  Journey to sophisticated Employer Brand   The Higher Mix

The Higher Mix team is assisting organisations to reach new levels of sophistication on their employer brand journey, and in an agile way.

Simplified Employer Branding Framework

Offering up ways to quickly differentiate against competitors, to appeal authentically to prized talent and the specific skills sought by your organisation to fuel its growth.    Examining a multitude of important relationships between elements, branding concepts, jurisdictions and constituents, with the aim of more effectively directing crucial brand and talent decisions inside (and out) of the organisation (attraction, retention, socialization, engagement collaboration activities and more… )

Employer Branding Framework (Simplified) The Higher MixEmployer Branding End-To-End 

We consult to provide employer brand strategy in support of talent management decisions, systems, business processes, measure and refine the employee experience, EVP communications, aligned development and training plans with existing employees. 

Employer branding moves beyond just considering how a business should market itself – also considers the organisational brand and positioning at same time because this, after all, is your organisation’s draw card (so never construct EVP, or talent messaging in isolation of the company brand or you run the real risk of it being impotent in the market.)     

Employer branding framework above is a simplified one only – our team at The Higher Mix have a far more comprehensive framework we use with our clients.   Why not delve a little deeper into various stages of employer branding process by simply clicking through various phases on the right hand side of this page.   

Evidence-based Employer Branding

“Living Systems” approach to creating EVP strategy and agile road-maps for deeper access, conversion of skilled talent and receiving yet more engagement from your people.      ENQUIRE HERE