Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

What is an Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

An Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is the value markets (and your own people) attribute to being employed with the organization;  in exchange for their productivity and performance. 

What is an EVP?   The Higher Mix

EVP gets right to the heart (and into people’s heads) with what really differs your organisation over another.  Clever mix of tangible – sometimes intangible, attributes and qualities, aimed at greater appeal, distinction, and brand mind-share.   

Unique bundle of characteristics (and benefits) which not only motivate targeted talent to join, but also have your current team stay.  

Delivering higher retention rates of specialised talent, stronger client servicing scenarios, cost-savings, and a more appealing company reputation – who wouldn’t want those?  

Australian EVP Attributes

Typically, EVPs drive the company’s strategic objectives (and preferred culture too.)   EVPs positively impact on the employee experience, they will add a plethora of benefits as it cascades through your entire organisation.

Crafting EVP involves delicate balance, not over-promising either.  While EVP reflects desirable future state, in unison with value offered in the present day brand experience, organisations have to deliver on what’s promoted and promised.   Australian EVP Attributes   The Higher MixThe Higher Mix brings companies to life through relatable, overarching EVP Attributes embodied in the Employer Brand.   

We’ve been developing comprehensive, research-based EVP programs, foundational internal/external EB internalisation activities and communications for organisations for well over 15 years now. 

Full scale implementation, claims-testing internally will ensure EVP is authentic and extend to creative, EVP touch-point alignment and internalisation because these imperatives directly influence the type and quality of employee-brand relationship your organisation has with its talent (both internal teams and candidates).  Finally, up-skilling internal teams on the mechanics of measuring, optimising existing EVP safeguards both relevance and success of the Employer Brand.

Really, just how distinctive (or different) is your EVP?

EVP should offer a far deeper understanding about your organisation.  What it is like to work here, difference it makes and value it adds.  Beyond attraction for pipeline of candidates with the right cultural fit, job match – equally as focused upon retention | engagement of existing talent.   

Wondering about the effectiveness of your existing Employee Value Proposition? 

Is it facilitating deeper sourcing into labour markets?  Cutting  recruitment costs, improving efficiency?  Increasing your access to passive candidates?  Improving employee engagement and commitment of existing team (and your new hires)?   Then it might be time to revisit the company’s EVP.      REVIEW MY EVP