Employer Branding

The Higher Mix are employer branding specialists, guiding organisations to discover new ways to differentiate from competitors and appeal authentically to prized talent with valuable skill-sets.

We provide fully manageable, cost-effective end-to-end employer brand imperatives that continue to drive awareness, engagement and convert key audiences to your brand. 

Full-scale employer branding strategydelivery, engagement and optimization.  With our living-systems approach, best-practice employer brand strategy extends way beyond simply creating an Employee Value Proposition (EVP). 

Future-ready workers

Humans can be more creative, innovative and inquisitive but are we all creating necessary space and support for these higher functioning human capabilities? As workplace goalposts constantly shift, workers must be learning all the time, to stay relevant.  More than ever learning context matters.   So too, social competencies for workers in digital environments – empowering younger workers for future-focused mindsets and embracing older talent for their valuable experience and as “creators of collaborative culture”.

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Why Employer Branding Is Important 

Employer branding examines the broadest range of elements of the “deal” important to both internal teams and potential talent. Strong, strategic employer branding allows for flexibility to target key employee groups (high performers, critical skills team-members, high potentials etc).  Making it easier for you (and far cheaper!) to attract/recruit/retain quality people and build talent pools.  Engaging with your own people to improve on the culture, at the same time.

Businesses of all maturity levels can benefit from extraordinary EVP and prosper with more favourable positioning in prevailing labour market conditions.  To this end, we show companies how to craft compellincompany storiesEVP strategy and road-maps for deeper engagement, access to skilled talent and increased discretionary effort from existing teams. 

Full-Service Employer Branding: Evaluation, Strategy, Delivery & Optimisation.

Approaching EVP development as a cultural exercise is our primary differentiation from other so-called  “employer branding” providers

We shape, influence company reputations, develop fresh positioning for your brand externally and engage directly with your managers, teams internally to anchor a refreshed EVP.

All through employer branding programs,  investing the time to truly understand your business – company goals, recruitment needs, workforce planning strategy, entire talent realm, incl. processes | practices you are using to identify, source talent externally, technology, along with the manner in which the organisation develops, retains, rewards its own workforce too. 

As important, analysing and altering critical touch-points which hinder achievement of enhanced candidate experiences and life-cycles.   Communicate Embed EVP The Higher Mix