Carefully Crafted Company Values

Company Values

Company/ Organisational values lay out expectations inside a business; type of behaviour and actions which support, guide and grow the organisation.

The Higher Mix develops Values using a cultural approach, never treating something so important lightly by turning it into a “creative” exercise.  Ensuring company values are authentic, internalised with your people and gaining traction…..not rhetoric or some list sitting on a wall.


Company Values, Organisational Values   The Higher Mix

Support Services To Establish Organisational Values:

  • Strategic framework, process, tools to investigate, isolate, define authentic organisational values and behaviour sets
  • Identify cultural attributes/ traits inherent and natural to your own company
  • Determine company expectations in terms of behaviours, actions inside it
  • Align company brand (Values dovetail into what your business / brand stands for)
  • Company vision, Values communicated, embedded on a personal level with teams and leaders
  • Standards, styles, type of behaviours to build stronger relationships with key stakeholders
  • Filter company values through process, practices – e.g performance management, assessment, hiring, selection, on-boarding (so talent subscribe to, act in line with Values.) 


Company Values Impact Culture   The Higher MixBegin by defining Values early on, including your team in the process. 

Dedicate time to initially crafting what your business stands for, through this process the organisation’s own unique set of Values becomes obvious. Word of warning: never hand over building company values to ‘creatives’ –  will do more harm than good.  Notwithstanding, wasting your precious resources (time and money.)  

By the people…For the people.

Teams internally are the guiding voice when crafting the Values set.    Not just because this a first class engagement exercise either; people truly feel as though they’re advocates for a brand that they have helped to build…

Approach Values process ‘creatively’ and there’s risk the Values will not gain traction, will fall flat if not internalised with people or practices (a missed opportunity.)    

In closing, strong commitment is required to live and breathe behaviours attached to each Value.