Optimised, Engaging Brands

Execute Brands

Brand is the opportunity to tell a powerful story in most memorable, impactful way.   

Building Mindshare and Engagement

Customers buy a category, then choose a brand within that; this makes purchasing decisions all about positioning, mind-share and integrity. 

The Higher Mix produces strategy and key narratives agencies need from you.  Whether in midst of redeveloping websites, fresh communications or any other brand positioning exercise; we are here to help.   Not only will your brand narratives be strategic and relevant (because we crafted them uniquely, specifically for your business), can save your business an inordinate amount of expense, time or untold frustration getting it right to begin with


Following crafting of compelling brand strategy, we guide entrepreneurs, companies and creative partners to stay ‘on-brand’.

The Higher Mix builds “visual positioning”,  consults on re-brand projects, reinvigorating and delivering branding systems that enable organisations to meet the complex demands of different media, platforms, audiences; yet still present with powerful, cohesive brand identity.

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As a trusted advisors, The Higher Mix  makes a direct contribution into creative agency action; so newly developed brands and their marketing practices are implemented clearly, authentically, and most importantly consistently.   

Brand Design and Development Services

Working alongside design agencies to deliver contemporary creative design, execute beautiful branding that resonates with target markets: