​Human ingenuity and projects, AI-enhanced speed and precision


Future workplaces are creating all manner of challenges and opportunities.   Teams spend less time on predictable physical activities, and more on sort of activities machines are less capable of - managing people, applying expertise, and communicating; organisations must keep their people engaged, focused and motivated to turbocharge performance.


Over 150 years’ experience collectively across the dimensions of People, Process, Culture, Technology, Governance and Brands; with our technology consortium partners; we enable transformative change.  

The Higher Mix helps businesses to distinguish businesses across the competitive landscape, improve the predictability and value of projects operational model implementations and rapidly deliver big-value chain benefits to clients. Guiding businesses to identify and overcome the gaps between the future their organisation is painting, and the reality individuals experience inside it. 

Contested Aspects of the Human Future of Work

Workplace processes and procedures not fully tested, different democratic processes, this focus on experiences - all new ways of working which demand higher levels of trial & error in the workplace.  That can prove challenging to workers and managers alike - they need a healthy doses of courage, optimism (and support) to get through it.

Workforce transition and job creation as the urgent priority

Critical to prepare people faster for the rapidly-changing digital worker knowledge economy.   Most of us recognize this shift in skills and capabilities required - higher level social and emotional skills, advanced cognitive capabilities, logical reasoning and creativity.   

Task at hand is to better prepare for the automated future - emphasise new skills, robust workforce planning, scale up training (esp. for mid-career workers). Reverse that trend of minimal investment, policy and/or training in support of people (which has been severely eroded over the past decade).  

We are a unique confluence of strategic advisers driving measurable improvements in organisational performance and effectiveness.  Pathways to more effective ways of working, employee engagement, agility and for exploiting consumer-oriented styles and technologies. 

  • Big mindset change management implemented as part of the digitalisation strategy
  • Harness developments shaping the human future of work for an organisation’s advantage
  • Create / Improve the Intelligent Digital Workforces
  • Improve governance and change management practices
  • Methods to maximise engagement and digital dexterity.  Overcome difficulties associated with achieving "nimbleness" 
  • Tools to improve brand position, assess current readiness adapt tactics and build portfolios of experience, cross-functional transition skills
  • Designed systems and the relevant skills, talent pipelines as companies change accelerate
  • Better understanding of the emotional, psychological, social factors most useful to nurture productivity..
  • Reduce organizational friction, increase the speed of innovation, inject more agility to truly succeed in this digital/machines age.
  • Tap into human capabilities and promote well-being
  • Create dynamic, inspiring and inclusive environments for employees.
  • Empower the workforce through its journey of educator as well as an employer
  • Balance workforce satisfaction and business objectives
  • Overcome cross generational conflict & collaboration
  • Openly share particular challenges, in a safe, closed-door setting.