Leadership Effectiveness

Managers have the job of creating great teams – Leaders the job of creating great culture. 

Rolling through demanding globalization, more is expected from our Leaders in their positions.   Ability to demonstrate higher value, create productive, engaged company cultures, fully empower the teams and make a significant contribution into strategyNot to mention the ability to consider, and deliver innovation

The Higher Mix leadership specialists and organisational psychologists focus on Leadership Effectiveness; styles of leadership which engineer real change, enable top-line growth and drive brand equity.

Leadership Effectiveness; Obligatory Executive Skills

Not enough to have candidates with right levels of experience or specialist management skills these days, with diversity of businesses today,  repertoire of obligatory executive skills and abilities is growing off the grid.  Moreso, it’s emotional intelligence and business acumen that are ever more important.

Despite increased effort to recruit, retain strong and capable managers – there’s a definitive shortage of management and leadership skills out there.  And in the absence of the right people with right skills to lead from the front, how will internal teams be truly productive, or understand the company direction, vision and strategy?

Great leaders are catalysts

Influential leaders are catalysts of a truly motivated, productive workforce.  But leaders don’t all get things done in the same way, their styles vary markedly.  And if managers become enmeshed in unnecessary bureaucracy, trivialities, derision or unproductive activities,  takes a real toll on company results.

Necessary for companies to look inward, exposing the great talent they already have (people who simply require a little polish and development) transitioning them to be great managers.

Leadership development produces stronger managers who listen, confidently set strategy, responding with grit to market conditions and demands.



Authentic and Energised Leaders:  Strength, Capacity, Temerity.

  • Increase leader commitment, collaboration and interaction
  • Resolve Leadership issues affecting business strategy, growth
  • Assess, inspire, guide and improve leadership capability, skills, attitudes
  • Arm leaders with deep skills and psychological tools to feel at ease with constant flux
  • Executive and Board-level support
  • Leaders Assessment
  • Knowledge, support and messages they require to drive culture in the right direction
  • Motivate leaders with the continuous-improvement mindset
  • Leadership behaviour frameworks
  • Optimise key accountabilities / Leadership behaviours applied inside organisations
  • Grow appreciation, ability to deliver on the ‘intangibles’ of leadership.
  • Coping mechanisms – address occupational stress, psychological burdens
  • Leadership transition;  Succession planning
  • Quality interactions; management of self and others.