Leaders are the solution to change.

Leadership Styles, Skills

With gravitas to engage at senior level, The Higher Mix coaches, inspires and guides leaders, managers and executive teams.  We support people to understand themselves better, their intellectual capacity to conceptualize solutions, and acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to be truly respected, reputable leaders.

Which Leadership Style?

Most people have a particular, natural leadership style.   That often makes transitioning between roles all the more challenging,  as it does trying to gauge the most suitable style for certain circumstances.   

Simple enough formula:  get your leaders behaving the right way, staff follow, and the brand / organisational culture will be stronger – right?    But as humans, we’re complex, multi-dimensional creatures.    Leaders opt for different types of behaviours, personas even, depending on circumstances.  And social-psychological science tells us people aren’t shaped just by their enduring traits, sometimes more profoundly by cues (constraints) and so often, in situations which vary wildly. 

Every company wants their managers and execs leading optimistically, confidently, driving change and delivering on the promise of transition, protecting  company value.   For this, managers need the ability to marshal the right behaviours and attitudes, at the right time.  

Prepare Leaders

Leadership Styles, Skills and Behaviours

People need to understand the broader (often significant) impact of their communication style on recipients.   

Whatever situational exigency, The Higher Mix organisational psychologists concentrate on useful leadership behaviours, not on “categorizing personalities or people” – which is so often fundamentally flawed and too simplistic. 

  • Transformational action plans | approach for individual leaders
  • Repertoire of obligatory executive skills, styles
  • Address skills base and standards (written/ oral communication)
  • Behaviours required to best protect a company’s future
  • Understanding of own ability, strengths, skills and potential
  • Identify priorities, capability gaps
  • Inject confidence to escalate issues and push decisions forward
  • Learning processes, systems, techniques; key decision-making, problem-solving, speedy assessment and choice
  • Relevant company capabilities for altered business environments.

The Higher Mix produces more:

  • Motivators:  aspiring to ideals, goals, inspiring achievement from others around them;
  • Innovators:  leaders driving big ideas with the appetite /tolerance for risk;  temerity to handle sweeping change; and
  • Enablers:  empowering their team to experience, grow and be successful.


Consulting Support for Leadership Styles, Skills, Behaviours:

  • Stronger leaders skills, styles, dialogues from action learning
  • Improving capabilities, choices your leaders confront
  • Working with democratic, blended leadership styles
  • Leaders recognizing, responding, deploying the most appropriate leadership behaviours
  • Observe & Remove ‘Blockers’ – emotional undertow affects the more rational approach
  • Delegation, empowerment to overcome operational concerns; confidence to escalate issues, ability to overcome unspoken conflicting personal agendas
  • Improving change-management | team-player skills | attitudes and behaviours in support of their technical capabilities
  • Line manager accountability
  • Rapport building across executive and leadership teams (involve ‘social engineers’.)