Leaders are the solution to change.


The Higher Mix organisational psychologists and leadership specialists have deep understanding of workings inside organisations, of the operational/ strategic demands placed upon management gearing up for the human future of work.

We support leadership efforts, development, practices through transitions, and as catalysts of a truly motivated, productive workforce. 

Leaders vs. Laggards

Get more influence and impact from your leaders;  take a fresh dive into different leadership and organisational development services pairing technology to leadership development imperatives, the company brand, and culture.   

Core Elements of Leadership The Higher Mix













Consulting, Coaching, Leadership Development Programs 

We guide company execs and human capital teams to overcome unique management and leadership challenges (at every level).   Applied evidence-based tools, techniques and advisory across a wide spectrum of situational leadership scenarios.

  • Comprehensive Leadership Assessment, Evaluation
  • Coaching, Mentoring, Sponsorship
  • Leadership transition solutions – individuals or groups 
  • Embed learning, continuous improvement, planning processes in leader’s everyday use
  • Leadership Skills, Styles  identify, formalise anticipated leadership styles/behaviours
  • Leader communication effectiveness; tools to identify strengths, developmental areas
  • Nurture and develop emerging leaders

Building Self-Awareness & Leadership Skill

Evolving leaders to manage more effectively, to understand team motivations and inject more energy to execute their roles confidently and competently.   Participative leadership – self-aware, solid judgment, communication, influence, and thoughtful actions, over forceful personality or domination of situations or people.   Stronger managers leading your teams; listening well, setting strategy, and responding confidently to market demands: