Innovation Lifecycle - The Higher Mix


The Higher Mix innovation framework and methodology defines innovation strategy the entire organisation can embrace.   Beginning with environmental scans; gaps, barriers to innovation and Leadership vision, direction, we

  • Assemble guiding coalition, on the same page (objectives and common language)
  • Introduce Innovation framework to steering team (road-map)
  • Communicate, achieve buy-in (all levels) for an innovation effort
  • Map innovation type to business model (canvas), establish baseline
  • Evaluate company goals, strategy, culture, infrastructure and operational readiness
  • Evaluate product (performance and system); data, value proposition, protocols
  • Evaluate service (quality, stakeholders needs; customers, key partners, teams)
  • Collect and assess customer feedback; interviews, feedback and perceptions
  • Evaluate consumer lifecycle
  • Address Leaders’ mindsets  (empower & energise)
  • Internal structures/ internal brand – resourcing, capabilities, skills, systems
  • Reposition / new brand architecture / service delivery / product go to market (beyond MVP to customer lifetime value – CVP)
  • Marketing channel strategy, networks
  • Define innovation strategy roll-out plan
  • Create, maintain Innovation Culture;  key activities; broad-based actions
  • Reward and Recognition practices; people rewarded to experiment, innovate and improve business’ performance
  • Optimise, measure success of innovation imperative.