Future of Work Innovation


Propelled into a future, shaped by technological advances and ambiguity, accelerated digitization widens gaps in capabilities and performance – time for a total rethink about the way work gets done in organisations, for altered business models, culture and skills, practices; even the brand in response to mounting pressures. 

Rocketing to this new employment epoch gives rise to anxiety and uncertainty….also to opportunities, that require your attention (and active management). 

 Innovation, moving to be more innovative The Higher Mix

Is the business building resilience now?  

Innovation and entrepreneurship are at the heart of economic growth and development – so are entrepreneurial mindsets. 

Our mandate is to drive transformation through technology innovation and people.  Essentially guiding organizations to “lean out”, to reshape competitive dynamics in far-reaching ways…

Identified what has to change yet?   How long that will take (and at what cost?)  Are leaders and teams prepared well for coming augmentation (for what else is just around the corner?)  What about all the projects.  Are your younger teams able to precisely identify economic scenarios?  Perhaps the business inadvertently introducing projects that create a cacophony of risks or leave teams and managers overwhelmed?   How can you be sure the organization isn’t missing out on something that turns out to be critical?  

Advanced technology efforts require the engagement of people in multiple parts of the organisation.  Breaking down silos, getting clear understanding of new directions, priorities and bringing in the specific expertise required.  Notwithstanding, an optimal structure, operational flexibility, and culture to support this. 

Speak with us about sustainable opportunities at your disposal to drive success, grow business appeal and account for the well-being of your teams, stakeholders and community. 

Rationally assess the uncertainties faced, be more cognizant of changes in internal/ external environments so your organisation can fare materially better than the rest. 

Guide the team clearly along transition paths, by introducing key principles of ‘good work’ for the future, so people can thrive.   Unravel more opportunities for the business to emerge, grow and deliver more value – without attempting to boil the ocean.   

Make momentum the priority – flip obstacles to opportunities 

The Higher Mix in supports organisations with their projects and portfolio efforts – structure, technologies which wash innovation, efficiencies, and transformation through workforces.  For clarity on critical processes to digitise to drive near-term value, (initiatives, new offers, extending customer reach) so your business stays competitive – innovating, iterating; moving from reactive, compliance-driven to far more agile, anticipative states.  

Our non-intrusive approach sets careful expectations of new tools, opportunities for your people (as “swivel chair integrators”) and deep support for digital transformation and for the business’ wider automation strategy. 

Capitalising on horizontal, cross-functional digital innovation and execution.  

Fresh thinking and activity boost productivity, leaving behind archaic, outmoded approaches, and turning workplaces into energetically charged areas.  We guide internal teams to direct their attention at what matters the most, overcome cost pressures and constraints and to get past limitations of traditional performance approaches (…..which had so typically centered around headcount, costs and/or compliance).  

Game-Changing Innovation Services

  • Innovative strategy relevant to the future of work (management, technology, talent, learning, the brand and more.)
  • Pivoting orgs to be viewed as aspirational employers for emerging generations.
  • Strategy and implementation services to improve talent pipelines, employment practices, social mobility and diversity.
  • Create environments required most for  digital dexterity to thrive.
  • Workplaces embracing learning, culture, diversity, and protecting corporate DNA and company values.
  • Adapting traditional workplaces to introduce new work arrangements – job structures, embrace co-working, flexible work, self-organising teams  
  • Learnings on effective transition to automation and new ways of working, incl. careful management of content (at the heart of any business)
  • Guide leaders to adjust/plan for new generations; to understand, work with millennial mindsets and their attitudes/expectations 
  • Growth hacking  to break into markets (growth hack cycles, data, funnels)
  • Learnings on effective transition to automation and new ways of working, incl. careful management of content 
  • Sharing new developments in professional practices; OD, L&D, technology, demographics and workforce planning
  • Overcome dilemmas/ bottlenecks faced by innovators; dispel the hype of new discoveries.  Avoid falling in tech traps.