Culture Change, Organisational Renewal.

Improve Culture

Improve Culture – Achieve Organisational Renewal

Creating a thriving, positive workplace culture won’t just “happen”.  Organisations intentionally create this, invest into it, having multiple areas of the business simultaneously input into it – just as it is with any other metric of agile success. Digital, HR, Branding, Marketing Departments, Board and Executive, CIOs and counting… The Higher Mix demonstrates compelling cases for culture improvement and culture change. What organisations stand to gain by making it the priority, clear on what must change and why; minimizing the risk and guiding the business to competently manage change.  All based on hard facts and evidence – not managerial ‘hunches’.

We are renowned for delivering creative powerful change solutions.  Culture programs achieving important strategic goals, injecting desire to adapt, enabling change at differing levels (individual | group | inter-group.)   Quest for simple strategy -we do not /will not seek perfection – it doesn’t exist.  But what this will necessitate is your commitment, investment and time, employing tried, tested and rigorous methodology and supported by qualified, experienced culture practitioners.

Culture Brand Model The Higher Mix


Providing a coherent direction, the right structure, tools and set-up to deliver lasting cultural change.

Improving workflows, product or service positioning, standards, altering practices, identifying key cultural attributes and driving higher degrees of employee engagement.


Culture tools, techniques and guidance: 

The Higher Mix’s culture and leadership specialists adopt a valid, proven approach, covering:

  • Deep insight, understanding of current environment/business, challenges and strengths
  • Assess organisational culture, observe workplace behaviour and listen to staff
  • Culture plans (based on best evidence, assessment, intelligence available)
  • Address change management appetite, organisational readiness
  • Alter size, shape, skill-base of organisations, departments, functions
  • Evolve most important components to talent contribution
  • Performance improvement (teams, managers) – guide learning and adoption
  • Challenge context, old methods and existing assumptions.
  • Overcome counter-cultures and siloes
  • Reinforce positive meaning; improve relationships
  • Monitor impact of interventions and alignment strategy over short term.
  • Regular reporting and research to demonstrates longer term ROI.
  • Produce a healthier culture, business and bottom line.

Culture Planning – Process-driven Change:

  1. Understand strategic imperative; company goals and priorities
  2. Engage with executive teams
  3. Scoping/ Project Road-maps
  4. Design and launch Communications program (internal)  – promote buy-in
  5. Discovery
  6. Engagement,  Evaluation, Reporting – Teams, Customers, and other important Stakeholders (Recruiters etc)
  7. Comprehensive culture planning
    • Diagnose / define current culture;  organisational health, effectiveness
    • Identify gaps/ barriers to implementation
    • Risk framework
  8. Review existing Value Propositions – Customer (CVP) and Employee Value propositions (EVP)
  9. Align cultural strategy;  Change 1 – involves mid-level | senior leaders
  10. Workplace implementation Change 2 – cascades theory and experiential learning mix
  11. Developmental activities executed all levels of organisations (leadership capability, team alignment to the business strategy
  12. Optimise, measure and adjust.