Strategic, Creative and Analytical Marketing

Conversion, Acquisition & Optimization

We grow profitable audiences and converting traffic into customers.

The Higher Mix’s specialty is giving organisations marketing mixes that not only suit where your company is at, but also takes on experimentation, conversion, acquisition and optimisation as standard practices.

Win New Customers Cost-Effectively

Acquire Convert Customers  The Higher Mix

Conversion, Acquisition & Optimisation Services.

Equal Parts Science · Art  · Analytics  

  • Data and testing; identify prime opportunities for growth
  • Traffic sources –  fast, scalable; and suiting business models | budgets
  • Suite of tools enabling faster decisions, judgment, visibility
  • Integration into user journeys
  • Google AdWords/Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, Content Marketing etc
  • Display networks reaching wider audiences – targeting features, tailored messaging, banners or videos.
  • Reliable system generating new leads/ customers each week / month
  • SEO Site Audits and strategy
  • Paid media
  • Content marketing
  • Conversion optimisation
  • Lead generation
  • App marketing
  • Establish Analytics; A/B testing regimens
  • Processes, workflows documented in Trello & Google Drives
  • Keyword / Competitor / Influencer research
  • Source, train writers, VAs to handle content and email outreach
  • CRO as continuous exercise; driving effectiveness.