Brand Building.

Rebrand, Revitalisation – Value Propositions, Positioning, Profiles.

M&A, Brand Architecture, Naming, Portfolio Restructure.

Leader-guided New Visions, Purpose and Company Strategy.

Internalisation, Team Alignment.

NPD, Product Branding

Employer Branding and EVP.


Design EVP Product (Attributes & Statements)

Employer Brand/Talent Strategy.

Culture Evaluation.

Pressure-test new EVP (Claims-testing.)

Embed with Leaders (workshops).


Personal and Leadership Brand.

Professional Standing/Profiles.

Review, Strategy & Execution.

Improve Appeal, Inspire Trust, Stand-out.

Marketing, Communications & Digital.

Growth-Hack Consulting, Coaching, TechStack.  

Market Development, Planning, Pivots.

Captivating Communications + Narratives.

Value Propositions The Higher Mx