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Branding is a Big Deal

Aligned to company strategy, Branding is the central organizing principle for decision-making, talent, and growth.   Brand-as-Business-Management involves roadmaps of specific actions and measures to reach company goals that mirror the organization’s strategic plan, promoting a plethora of strategic priorities (and initiatives) for real momentum to move teams, products, and organisations forward. BRAND VALUEBrands are balance sheet […]

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Human Future of Work: Skills and Dexterity

Just how future-ready is your business?  Trouble finding those highly skilled, experienced people?   War for talent continues to bite, roles, jobs themselves are changing faster than businesses, economies even, can adjust to.  Distinct lack of technical resources and people to fuel growth is already upon us.   And countless organizations won’t survive through this – economists call that ‘creative […]

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A to Z of Employer Branding Best Practice

Employer Branding Best Practice

What is Employer Branding?  In simplest of terms, it is the identifiable, unique employer identity (value concept) behind your organisation, and potential it has as employer – both of which differentiate it from competitors. An assurance of the employment experience | brand promise making it far easier (cheaper) for your organisation to attract the quality talent who’ll […]

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