Transitional Planning

Given complex workforce transitions faced by business right now – one of the most crucial questions centres around how the future of work will develop, and more specifically, impact on individuals and the wider organisation.

Confidently make those high stakes, future-shaping decisions. 

We prepare organisations and their people for the rapidly changing digital worker knowledge economy.  Dealing across the dimensions of People, Process, Culture, Technology, Governance and the Brand to support organisations to introduce/ execute stronger corporate, growth and operational strategy.  Helping execs actively manage through business tolerance, competition, dissolving markets, intense scrutiny and/or resistance from inside or out of the business.

​With decades of consulting expertise distilled into our consultants and tested strategies, we outline clearer pathways to growth, to achieving superior performance across portfolios, with your people and projects, and realizing big value benefits from emerging tech.

​Our highly experienced business strategy team have joined forces with consortium technology partners for their expertise in artificial Intelligence, machine learning.  Adding strength, enabling teams and transformative change, advising on automation to improve productivity, efficiency and maximise ROI.  And we understand how emerging tech is applied laterally to enable strategy, across the entire value chain and using it to bind and drive shareholder value. 

Avoid the Growth Stall.

Winning strategy for top-line growth / bottom-line profitability starts with painting a more realistic picture of the future. Re-imagining the context of internal cohesion inside your own business.

Asking  “Do we have the right strategy for success? Capabilities to capitalise on our people and the emerging tech to improve on business outcomes?”   

Internal factors are key impediments to profitable growth.  What are the key pillars to position your business into the future?   Are you yet using AI and other technologies to drive optimum results, for mission objective and shareholder value?

Often linking the use of technology to business strategy across portfolios is where many organisations stumble. Earlier on, that struggle to get a business case up and running, metrics in play tying technology use into business strategy.

We align with organisations to support business cases, prepare them for new realities and the human future of work.  To understand how their workplaces (and businesses) could be evolving.  Unlike firm predictions (notoriously unreliable) expert points of view; sense-making of ideas, data and finer grain details – what the hard facts are telling you (and us). 

Leverage our expertise for: 

Advisory to execute fresh strategy, to gain ground on competitors, find efficiencies, improve transparency and preserve business DNA.

​Resolve issues in a more proactive, meaningful way – define the plans and projects required to maximise business benefit.

Reduce longer-term risk as a ​diversified portfolio.  

Introduce organisational strategy to fund other growth paths (without over-extension either, which can lead to poor customer experience.)

Powerful strategy to reduce costs, avoid growth stalls (and the subsequent expensive recovery efforts.)  

Focusing on market acceleration (products into new markets), extending market sharein new high-growth segments and exploring potential to optimise sales.

Better equipping businesses to withstand market shifts; new products to new customers can be risky – for the entirely new sets organisational capabilities, distribution channels, servicing levels required etc.

Using technology to get ahead of churn. Automation, AI, leveraged big data for deep engagement with team and customers. For cost reduction, portfolio management, diversification of customer / product bases and to produce better experiences.

Business Strategy growth, reduce risks avoid costs

Need to radically simplify, redesign from the ground up and ruthlessly remove complexity.  

Advancing with greater RPA adoption (and its potential for triple-digit growth) will impact your employees – who are trying hard to evolve into key players alongside intelligent digital workforces (of robotic workers.)  Takes for wiser investment into digital workforce initiatives. Better positioning for emergent tech and RPA projects and internal teams resisting the temptation to complicate solutions being developed.

Teams had better get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Multiple interdependent moving parts/ considerable uncertainties will necessitate this. Momentum, therefore, has to trump perfection.


WHY?  WHAT?  HOW?  Leverage for value – tie it back to the business strategy.   

Strategy is about beginning with the right questions -why does our organisation exist? What is most valued? What do we build / buy / operate now?  What of people’s behaviours and motivations? How does the business deliver value fast and to whom? But how will it in the future? Are we getting the most out of our capital?  Building truly sustainable workforces?  Entirely the sort of questions which underpin the most critical directions/decisions being made inside your business.  



There’s many things your teams could be doing. Are they selecting and optimizing the right projects/ combination of these? Along with assets to ensure your organisation predictably/competitively delivers on its transformational vision?  Process automation only offers up a limited impact on top-line growth, if organisations erroneously focus too much on the labour reduction element and not enough upon improving business outcomes. 

Automation changes the capabilities required to perform jobs, and it changes very nature of the work employees are currently executing.  As proliferation of automation, artificial intelligence tools and options grows daily – a steep learning curve for many.

Is your business clear on RPA? What is it doing to understand and capture the opportunities? How are you stopping projects from getting off track  worse still, not solving problems, because it has been since discovered they weren’t ever really capable of fixing those issues in first place? 

How is your business augmenting rather than replacing its workforce?  What resistance management is used for employees?  

We assist businesses to drive transformation through technology innovation and their people.  Carefully managed expectations around digital transformation and business automation strategy.  Identify, quantify opportunities to use RPA for revenue-generating activities, in addition to cost-saving or compliance activities. Evaluate opportunities and non-intrusive approaches to automation, your people as “swivel chair integrators”.



Working with you, people and projects to overcome accumulated tensions, negative externalities to redefine pathways to reinvention: getting past the limitations of often-unsustainable processes, to prevent depletion of resources and identify new revenue and/or cost savings.