Organisational Change

Playing a pivotal role in driving change 

Change has always been the constant.  As the modern business copes with acceleration and complexity, they discover new ways of dealing with untold pressures:  dissolving markets, aggressive competitors, globalization, integration of bleeding-edge technologies and more.  Scenarios like these also offer boundless opportunities too – if the organization knows where to look, what to do and is truly ready to embrace change. 

Organisational Change The Higher Mix

Managing the “People Impact” of Change

Guiding businesses on how to better manage competing demands in the digital age.  Change (redundancies, system swap-outs etc) affect team motivation, productivity and alignment.  Managers called to buffer the impact of sudden planned/unplanned change, need skills along with hefty reserves of emotional, mental and physical energy.   

Organisational Change Services: 

  • Architect, deliver and measure real business change
  • Best practice change management, change leadership processes, tools, techniques, feedback mechanisms
  • Coaching change – skills, ownership, confidence to sustain change
  • Large-scale cross-functional projects facilitated
  • Change capabilities/Operational Readiness
  • Spike performance around business goals and priorities
  • Augmenting people to cope with technology acceleration
  • Develop, embed key skills across organisations through projects and beyond.
  • Overcome change fatigue, complexity (formulaic approach to risk)
  • Evaluate organizations, people, cultures
  • Organisational restructure or re-positioning brand or business.



Managing change for competitive advantage involves choices.  Companies need the confidence in where-when-how they’re committing limited resources and capabilities – in what is already being done, even what to make redundant to generate that edge also. 

The Higher Mix change specialists introduce fit-for-purpose change approaches, we guide companies competently carefully along the adaption path.  Addressing resistance areas to the achievement of key goals, crafting strategy to bridge gaps, with streams of market and brand intelligence. 

Helping emerging leaders and execs cope with technicalities, frustrations, project team attitudes and key stakeholder inputs – in other words, people most impacted by change.