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Company Capabilities

Company capabilities and skill-sets remain at the top of any company’s agenda.   We support organisations to understand their own capacity, level of expertise inside the business and the required talent and skills to ensure core functions are performed well.

Company capabilities, (people, process, technology), organisational skills and expertise embedded, helping to successfully execute business model strategy. capabilities, diversity and the adaptability for a stronger future.

The Higher Mix assists companies of all sizes to drive value creation and increase speed – we arm companies to not just be good at doing one thing, but be great at learning how to do many new things.

Steering them to read and act on change signals in an agile way, to revisit company capability programs, avoiding the pitfalls and inevitable face-off between quality and scale.

Our mandate extending to ensuring your organisation keeps pace with changing environments, gets the balance right and prospers.

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Capability Development Framework

Company Capability Framework The Higher Mix

What are Company Capabilities?

Business capabilities are the core of any business’ architecture.   In essence, capabilities are purely ‘business view’ of your business. Capabilities describe what, not how, something is being done – with clear definitions at every level, and very clearly defined outcomes.

Capability definition to each capability is usually aligned to corresponding definition of the business asset.  They are not a process or value stream.  Capabilities are unique, based on information they require and use, and framed by particular roles and resources with those capabilities.

If capabilities seem alike, then it is best to question their intent.

We know it is difficult to fully understand whether something is or isn’t a capability these days.  Simply endeavoring to differentiate capabilities from others, and/or validate issues within context of the business model can be challenging.

Certain degree of introspection is required for capability analysis that very few people get to experience.

The Higher Mix helps businesses identify, differentiate primary capabilities, lower level capabilities, to capability mapping, validation through value streams and organisational assets.   Our change strategy builds enduring competitive advantage; from static elements such as market position, owning a particular niche (space) – to assembling required capabilities/competencies to deliver diversified offers, or the second order capabilities which encourage faster adaptation inside the company.