Transformational Change

Make Economic Dynamism the Priority 

The Higher Mix has extensive experience helping clients manage business change, incremental to transformational. 

In spite of staggering progress made with technology, ever-more-powerful tools to solve difficult problems, the resulting value so often is constrained by the capacity of people, esp. when it comes to embracing emerging tech, tools and deploying them in the most effective ways.

Our senior brand, culture and leadership strategists, AI, machine learning experts, and practitioners adopt a portfolio focus on the organization’s most pressing, high-value initiatives;  guiding your teams to thrive, to use technologies as central to the adaptive culture; collaborating better and identifying where and how to deliver new value fast. 

Fit-for-purpose change accelerated and managed. 

Our skilled and credentialed change practitioners clearly define use-cases, scenarios, solutions to brand profile, culture, leadership,  technology/ systems, and project challenges, as businesses drive hard on innovation agendas.

The Higher Mix embeds change, introducing specific corrective action plans and applying next-gen change tools.  Using the psychology of neuroscience to influence, understand and embed change in individuals/groups, reinforcing the mechanisms to sustain this change. 

What is Change Leadership?

Introducing and measuring cultural, organisational, and mental shifts required to achieve true business agility. enabling organizations to monitor | address variances in progress and accountabilities as change takes hold.  Demonstrating how the company will capture value, innovation, lessons learned, and celebrate achievements (individual and group recognition.) 

Reducing development costs, elevating engagement and team/customer satisfaction so your business can thrive through fast-paced, complex business environments. 

Leading organisations successfully along the path to adaptation

Ensuring change is sustained (learning, co-ordination, coaching & counseling, management) with:

  • New Purpose-Vision-Mission as the driving force to fuel large-scale transformation;
  • Partner-oriented approach to transformation;
  • Focusing on the inputs from all levels of business portfolios, product development/ execution teams and leadership;
  • Clear, implementable change road-maps;
  • Inspiring the team to resolve conflicts; connecting them into the brand 
  • Augment business strategy and internal culture with steady stream of AI-driven market intelligence;
  • Disciplined philosophies/ approaches to change management and responsiveness;
  • Business-level conversations about change excellence;
  • Clear, implementable change road-maps;
  • Sophisticated measurement, assessment of culture;
  • Identify project inefficiences – post-action reviews/ sponsor assessments (ROI);
  • Agile filtered through delivery teams for speed, visibility, improved performance.


Managing Change - Journey The Higher Mix