Leadership Development Programs

The Higher Mix gets leaders sensing need for organisational upgrade, familiar with change drivers, adapting and leading in ways that translates into sustainable (tangible) value for your business.

Leadership Development Programs, Grounded in Organisational Reality

Bespoke leadership development training, broader learning formats, highly-practical cost-effective approaches; aligned program content to strategic priorities, and the effects cascaded across different levels through the entire organisation – not just your Leaders.

Depending on an organisation’s maturity, The Higher Mix defines core competencies, develops key leadership skills/ styles, and introduces highly-customised leadership development programs, more akin to integrative business solutions.

Leadership Capability Framework The Higher Mix

Customised Leadership Development Services

  • Leader Assessment; evaluation
  • Coaching, mentoring support to counter complexity, uncertainty and change
  • Leadership Competency Framework
  • Explore core elements of leadership
  • Customized leadership development programs
  • Leadership styles, skills
  • Individual development plans – capability, aptitude
  • Adult learning, education, training – corporate / participant
  • Planning and evaluation processes embedded into leader’s daily use
  • Increased self-awareness (of their impact on others).

Business Case for Leadership Development

Business case for Leadership Development is sound. No question about the benefits derived from developing your leaders. Their becoming more adept at synthesising important information and acting on it, injecting strategic foresight, thinking and executional ability, arming your people with transformational change-management skills, convincing leaders and achieving organisational buy-in.

Learnings extend to collegial leading, working; improving team-related skills and orientation (and developing team over self).  Intellectual capability improved (persuasive, mentally deft, versatile and influential), risk reduced, resistance overcome, unwarranted fears of external threats allayed.

Leadership Development programs add to personal integrity, ethical behaviour and conduct from your leaders. Helps with uptake of technical / technology skills (ability to understand, exploit technologies outside own knowledge for organisational impact.)   Polishing the leaders’ own professional communication, influence and presentation skills and hence improving commercial relationships.

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