Leader Coaching, Mentoring

Today, technical/functional expertise matters far less than having a strong grasp of business fundamentals and leadership skills.

Most great leaders have experts advising them and contributing to their success.  All capabilities and technical skill aside though, equally as important to get a person’s mind right too.  So the cornerstone of high performance remains still effective coaching conversations. 

The Higher Mix organisational psychologists improve individual performance on the job, with peers and team management.  So your leaders enhance their current skills or acquire new ones. These coaching mentoring services positively impact on a leader’s career, and life;  moving them to take action, to achieve company goals, develop their own personal qualities and skills to become more confident, self-reliant, competent and able.

Leadership Coaching Model The Higher Mix


The Higher Mix organisational psychologists coach and mentor leaders and managers to think clearly through issues (quite possibly differently) than they might ordinarily. 

Mentoring is development-driven, leaders delegating more effectively, staying focused on important managerial responsibilities and helping their own employees to work smarter.  This not only boosting their own productivity, but driving trust,  team morale, motivation and  loyalty, talent retention too. 

Empowered individuals, team environments and organisations.

Coaching Model framework giving Leaders support and guidance they need, increasing their resilience and tenacity.


Keeping Leaders ahead of the curve and continuing to get best out of themselves and others.

  • Accredited qualified coaches, leadership specialists and organisational psychologists
  • Supportive, non-judgemental coaching (focused on the individual’s own attributes and experience)
  • Performance, mastery conversations
  • Three-way agreements formalised – trainee/coach/organisation
  • Goal setting, feedback (individual attention assured)
  • Practical strategies introduced quickly for traction.