Leader Assessment, Evaluation

Guidance and support to assess and address a leader’s ‘career derailers’, clarity on the actions they should stop (and start) doing, if they want continued success.  

The Higher Mix Leadership Assessment, Evaluation services help your leaders to get more out of themselves in course of executing company strategy, building alignment, winning more mind-share for the brand and growing people’s capabilities internally.

Leader Assessment Tools and Technologies

Raft of assessment tools to improve individual capacity, emotional agility, objectivity and resilience.   Contact us to:

  • Build self-awareness, emotional intelligence, work styles, cognitive ability and more
  • Measure impact, personality traits, functionality and discipline
  • Identify leadership and succession gaps
  • Leaders assessment; profiling – psychometric assessments:

Psychometric assessments – gain valuable insight into leader styles and characteristics they can’t receive in any other way.   Direct means of understanding how their own actions impact on others, paramount if wanting to become competent, capable leader of people.

Emotional Intelligence – Well recognized and supported by research that degrees of emotional intelligence directly correlate to our performance and success as a leader.  Leadership is all about how we interact with people.  Better our interactions – the stronger our leadership.  Emotional intelligence assessments are a means of understanding how we, as leaders interact and affect others.   

Workstyles – For in-depth understanding of where a person is directing their energies and efforts.  Clear perspectives of the behaviours the person is likely to be demonstrating to others. Self-awareness and understanding of work styles provides insights and is used when determining areas of development potential, and how best to leverage those strengths.

360-degree feedback – 360° is powerful leadership assessment tool which gives leaders authentic feedback from direct reports, peers and a superior, around competencies vital for success in a particular role.  360 is assessment tool researched and developed by one of the worlds’ premier leadership development organisations.

MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) – still widely used tool for leadership and team development.  Knowing our own preferred style enables us to achieve success and more productive relationships with others.