Change Leadership

Committed, capable leaders are critical to implementing successful changeInfluencing any sort of organisational culture or change is a top-down, business-led activity.   Change Leadership breaks or bends paradigms, and it demands knowledge, skills consistency and perseverance. 

Not that different or less important from all the other mission critical business activities under our control – probably more so.

Change Leadership The Higher Mix

The Higher Mix works closely with managers and leaders in companies and organisations to in still critical leadership competencies so they can lead better, navigate and execute successful change inside the organisation, improve operational efficiency, spur innovation and drive growth.

Change-Capable Leadership

Leaders today face complex business challenges in organisations that require change in the way people have always done things.

Companies must bring about change, introduce change-capable leaders into their system, with the right skills and thinking; supported by early warning systems to avoid failure. 

Whilst change can be complex, The Higher Mix prefers to keep it simple, around three straight-forward concepts:

  • Change myself:  Successful change takes us outside our comfort zones – change leaders adapting their mindsets, actions, and behaviours.
  • Don’t go solo:  Change is a team imperative, brings people together, supported with compelling messaging on reason things need to change.
  • Recognise, Act on the signs:  Identify, take action on early warning signals as to when the initiative is beginning to derail.

 Change Leadership Services 

  • Support, guidance ongoing through change projects
  • Consensus-build, sharing enterprise-wide
  • Assist change managers to achieve genuine behavioural change
  • CEO, Board, Executive Team Sponsorship | executive team, management alignment
  • Stakeholder engagement – internal, external (all levels)
  • Leadership capacity, actions and styles
  • Challenge existing methods / assumptions
  • Coach culture-change strategy
  • Break down volatility, complexity into identifiable, addressable, manageable components
  • Project manage the entire process; scoping > implementation > measurement
  • Celebrate significant milestones.

Change Leadership Services

  • Leadership capacity, actions, styles
  • Stakeholder engagement; internal, external – all levels
  • Breaking down volatility, complexity into identifiable, addressable, manageable components
  • Assisting change managers to deliver genuine behavioural change
  • Project managing the entire process; scoping to implementation (and measurement)
  • Celebrating significant milestones.