Employee Experience

Everything OD or HR does tends to have a clear line of sight to business results; with employee experience, it’s no different. 

Employee Experience, Culture Model The Higher Mix


Effortless experiences often take undesirable paths.  In practice many team members, HR managers spend a bit too much time with non-value-adding activities, and this threatens employee engagement and broader business value. 

Employee Experience (Ex):  Design / Share / Measure / Act

Work productivity and retention affect revenue, this we all know, but moments of truth are emotionally-charged, often with a disproportionate impact on employee engagement, so companies must get this right.    

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The Higher Mix helps businesses to manage employee experience (EX) at scale, in mid-sized to large companies.  

Co-creating solutions developed with lifecycles in mind and focused on common Ex pain points. 

Applying our strong conceptual abilities across multi-discipline group environment – to help businesses glean unique perspectives on strengths and gaps (actionable insights) on the talent experience too.

Operations, brand profile, culture, customer loyalty, and ultimately, shareholder value – outcomes like these depend greatly upon the consistent delivery of quality team and customer experiences.  

Companies are rewarded for developing human resource capability and for engaging with their people.  Collaborative teams deliver the corporate Brand Identity, company reputation, stakeholder relationships and contribute to growth. 

Internal branding unites/ connects people; teams, managers, supervisors, execs, and key influencers;  for much deeper engagement, team voice, and as an informative means to articulate the current state, the brand’s unfolding direction and strengths.

Improve Employee Experience for More Value

People & Automation – Making it Work, and Pay    Experiences at touchpoints are supported by new, cloud-based HRIT systems, and in the end, should improve end-user adoption of the system?  Not always.  Right now, there are massive numbers of opportunities, impact, and investment being wasted. Estimates put upwards of 30% of total investment in new cloud HRIS at risk;  due in part to lower than expected end-user adoption.  Primarily, because the way people experience that new system isn’t as “effortless” as it could be… Employee Experience

Creating more engagement, organisational value with:

  • Knowledge and context of just how your business is viewed/ respected as an employer and as a service provider
  • Longevity in the workplace – aging workforce considerations, tacit knowledge capture
  • Facilitate quality learning experiences at levels of business; life-long learning
  • Encourage talent to contribute their ideas into improving performance
  • Calibrate performance levels to meet and exceed competitive norms
  • Dialogue and interactions with key stakeholders
  • Support teams to model positive responses to underlying strategy, and the logic to change
  • Overcome resistance, non-compliance and/or criticism relating to change
  • Develop personal and professional styles, skill-sets
  • Actively galvanise | reinforce other group & personal behaviours your organization wants
  • Awareness across teams; accurately differentiating between important/unimportant issues, appropriate weight to stakeholder concern 

Any way execs slice this, engaging with their people still is one of the best platforms to equip them to adapt faster and help them achieve their higher potential. Employee Experience Impact on Customer Service - The Higher Mix


Employee Engagement, Employee Experience Services 

Our organisational psychologists advise upon on culture, leadership, behavioural change to create closer alignment:



  • Employee engagement seminars, workshops and coaching
  • Psychometric assessment, evaluation exercises for team, individuals and candidates
  • Explore personal potential, perspectives (for meaningful advantage)
  • Reinforce individual strengths, accomplishments, helping-behaviours
  • Self-examinations; understanding own behaviours at work
  • Temper emotion – self-confidence and mastery
  • Presence, influence and impactful communication
  • Enhance employee experience, performance standards.