Improve Culture

Achieve Organisational Renewal 

Creation of a thriving, positive workplace culture won’t just “happen”.  Organisations intentionally create this.  Investment to support it, multiple areas of business simultaneously guiding inputs into it; based upon hard facts and evidence, not managerial hunches.

The Higher Mix demonstrates compelling cases for culture improvement and culture change.  What organisations stand to gain by making it the priority, clear on what must change and why.  Minimizing risk and guiding you how your business can competently manage its own change. 

Renowned for delivering creative powerful change solutions;  Lean programs that achieve important strategic goals.  Injecting real desire into people to adapt, enabling change at differing levels (individual | group | inter-group.)    When it comes to committing to transformation – it is never too late to start…

Invest resources and time.  Ask for external help where it’s required because your teams simply cannot do it all (certainly not in timeframe being dictated today)   In support of new technologies deployed, add to internal capability with qualified, experienced culture practitioners and highly creative approaches.  

Culture Brand Model The Higher Mix

On the quest for simple strategy,  we ruthlessly tear into complexity.  We do not /will not seek perfection – doesn’t exist.  In our experienced world of organisational change:  progress trumps perfection.  We will provide you with coherent directions, advise on the right structure, tools and set-up to deliver lasting cultural change.  Improve workflows, product or service positioning, standards, alter practices, identify key cultural attributes and drive higher degrees of team engagement.   

All this though starts with a firm focus on your leaders


Culture tools, techniques, and guidance  

The Higher Mix’s culture and leadership specialists adopt a valid, proven approach, covering:

  • Deep insight, understanding of current environment/business, challenges and strengths
  • Address change management appetites and organisational readiness
  • Observe workplace behaviours, listen to staff and customers 
  • Culture plans (based on evidence, assessment and intelligence) 
  • Overcome counter-cultures and silos
  • Performance improvement (teams, managers) and guide their learnings, adoption of technology
  • Contibutions into the size, shape, skill-base of organizations, departments and functions
  • Evolve more important components to talent contribution/s
  • Challenge context, old methods and existing assumptions.
  • Reinforce positive meaning; improve relationships
  • Monitor impact of interventions and alignment strategy over the short term.
  • Regular reporting/  research to demonstrate longer-term ROI.
  • Producing a healthier digital culture, business and bottom line.