Culture Assessment

Organisational culture is singularly still one of the more important dimensions to measure and manage.  Values and culture change gradually, and sometimes before you even realise it, a wonderful culture is being eroded.  The Higher Mix culture assessment services evaluate organisational culture and performance, defining how company culture is impacting on touch-points, people and business results. 

Refining, protecting and improving any culture starts with measurement.   To measure, nuance, identify issues, help organisations make the necessary adjustments to operations before it goes too far south. 

Organisations that excel at building, reinforcing, leveraging their unique culture, and delivering sustainable performance do so because usually, they will have a strong ‘culture foundation’.    But culture for sure is elusive, tricky and very often mysterious subject-matter. 

The Higher Mix Culture Model

Culture Model, Culture Levers - The Higher Mix

Most culture improvement imperatives (surveys, programs, engagement events) fall way short of building necessary cultural foundations an entire organisation can relate to, which can be managed with the sort of speed and clarity required today.    

The Higher Mix has a different approach.  Beginning with the definition of critical performance priorities (customer satisfaction, growth, profitability etc, followed by identification of value/behaviour strengths, then the gaps/roadblocks holding an organisation back from achieving its fuller potential.)   

Our psychologists, data scientists, on-demand platforms and/or bespoke research studies provide organisations with the data it needs – customisable, in real time;and/or quant and qual feedback programs keeping the company focused on constructive inputs, insights and action.

Measure Culture:  Culture Levers

  • Assess/benchmark existing culture incl. culture barriers to performance
  • Collect, understand and act on employee feedback
  • Measure Employee Experience, Employee Engagement, Employee Effectiveness
  • Comprehensive feedback strategies
  • Culture index (dimensions) – knowledge, perception, behaviours
  • Change readinessactionable analysis, recommendations
  • Quantitative – survey design, administration, execution, analysis and key recommendations
  • Qualitative – focus groups, in-depth interviews, workshops:  design, facilitate, observe and report.