What we do, where we do it, how, and with whom, are all changing.  Next wave be especially up-ending for organisations.  Process re-design, changing workforce numbers, new technologies – all these will make business more efficient, but those activities also change mindsets and affect people deeply. 

With constellation of digital platforms and devices, each person can establish their own separate clouds and agendas – so part of this challenge remains keeping all their energies contained/ applied in the right direction, focused, energised and organised. 

Culture Model The Higher Mix

An engaged, adaptive culture is more important than ever.

Takes commitment, time and investment to build productive cultures of learning and innovation (….with sustained practices, that reflect this.)   

We have decades of experience redesigning organizations, teams and brands.  Co-creating humane, adaptive organizations; unleashing the potential of the people. 

As business execs, you all have options – to shape work-life in such a manner it enables your people to reconnect with what makes them happy and deliver higher-quality experiences, in the process.   

Workplace Culture Services

Culture Strategy and Implementation Services

Our organisational psychologists and culture specialists produce change inside organisations.   Founded in high employee engagement, informed by data, facilitated by the latest technologies; underpinned by the embedded vision and sets of values truly unique to your organization.

Achieve a more effective, productive company culture – Chat to us    Engage us for personalised, two-hour session. Devoted to you, hearing where you are at, and sharing how it is we consult and coach in support of leaders, team needs; including culture improvement; planning, change frameworks, best practice process, tools, techniques, skills all delivered into your business, by some of the best management consultants in Australia.  We are right here for you.

Culture Change Process Model The Higher Mix

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Process and People-Led Change Services

  • End-to-end multidisciplinary change planning and programs;
  • Culture reinforcement, cutting-edge tools, technologies to improve culture and communication inside organizations;
  • Sophisticated assessment, measurement of actual (and aspired) cultures;
  • Targeted organisational effectiveness, talent and learning solutions;
  • Overcome talent shortages
  • Address dysfunctional company cultures, resolve conflict, operational mediocrity, or resistance;
  • Diversity and talent practices in support of the human future of work;
  • Cultivating digital dexterity – skills, ideals to benefit productivity and workplace culture;
  • Thought processes, planning, the strategy behind change; realities to implementing that change;
  • Augment strategy with a steady stream of business, brand, market intelligence
  • Employee engagement/ inspire teams: connect the brand to organisational purpose
  • Leaders planning desired state; role modeling, practical management actions and pathways to being a more effective leader; and
  • Change leadership;  robust conversations about culture and the ongoing need for adaption.

Transforming Culture    

A delicate balance required between dictating company culture and/or allowing it to develop organically. 

Some cultural characteristics are more or less appealing to different people; as such organisations must chart their own course to proactively choose highly desirable cultural attributes in support of their unique environment. 

Sort of Adaptive Culture conducive to more efficient business models, optimal structures and future processes.   When it comes to company culture, the performance of your talent and retentionempirical research tells us profitability positively correlates with an effective charter, sound strategy and engaging culture. 

But, when all is said and done – most critical element behind culture creation/ performance still is an organization’s own leadership.