Business Strategy.

Guiding small-to-midsized businesses, confronted with unique sets of challenges.
The Higher Mix

Press Reset.

Achieve Transformation through Technology Innovation, People and the Brand.
Our consultants align with you to build awareness, better connect with customers, drive revenue and business impact. We show you ways to make the business more entrepreneurial, drop costs and remove the brand marketing struggle.


  • Combined traditional business strategy with latest proven methods - design thinking Mindsets and Approaches. 
  • Reworked Customer Intimacy strategy, to truly solve Customer needs (....and improve employee experience internally.
  • Iterate key components of the existing business model; unlock greater value from existing products or services, introduce entirely new business models to quickly gain service-product-market fit. 

Coaching, Contracting, Consulting on Brand Innovation and  Transformational Change.

    The Higher Mix leads companies to define, interpret and answer the right questions.  First identifyng the pain-points, before helping you prioritize future strategy.   Revealing to our clients where investment is best served, and based on sophisticated data analysis....not on "hunches".  
Interconnected Marketing, People, Technology and Data; personalized across channels, gets your organisation “closer to the customer”, listening and delivering the most relevant, beautiful content at the right time.   ​Whether small online marketing initiative to scaling and growth - we show client organisations where and how real value is created fast.
  • Co-designed Business and Brand Blueprints that move your company/employer brand reputation, services, products, and projects forward.
  • Swath of initiatives > stronger projects inside your business.  2021  and beyond. 
  • Pivoting those most important elements of your business:  People, Purpose, Culture, Leadership, and the Brand.   [Value propositions, the Offer, Positioning, Revenue models, Sales channels, Marketing practices, and more].
  •  Strategy for deeper opportunities that will work for your business.  Desirable products and services for customers;  we design and deliver rapid prototyping;  test and roll out business and product concepts, helping you get important buy-in and uptake from others fast.   
  • Design, host and facilitate Alignment Sessions with your ELT, leadership groups. 
  • High impact Strategic Planning sessions, Brand Revitalisations and more... 
  • Partnering with your Business to Build and Deliver to the World.  

    Latest Design Thinking