Product Branding.

Strategy Logic mixed with the Magic of Creativity.

A strong product brand comes from applying many of the same fundamentals applied to craft powerful business brands

Strong visual identity sets the tone and appeal for your product and sends a powerful message. 

Branding is fundamental, a crucial component of effective marketing.  Our integrated approach produces singular, memorable strategy and design advice, and narratives to capture the very essence of your business, service or product.   

Any sort of branding, product, or otherwise is effectively a recall tool – we understand the impact and implications of product design because we have been actively developing and executing brands for over 18 years.   


Brand-centric strategy, brand positioning, and the inputs required for cut-through and captivating packaging for many leading brands – we are the group to see….. 

Regardless of whether it is the company or product branding, execs must approach branding as a long-term strategic commitment because people will create powerful associations with it, and so must be relevant, authentic and meet both customer (and internal teams) expectation. 

The Higher Mix works closely with clients across the globe, across all stages of a commercialization agenda or brand development mandate. 

Brands engage emotionally with people.

Product Branding and Packaging.

Companies come to us to nurture and renew brands and grow businesses.   To reinforce consistent branding and placement on products – incl. across other brand touch-points, websites, multimedia, signage, sales materials and digital platforms. 

Consumer product branding is one of our specialties.  Teaming up with world-class creative designers, agencies to guide the roll-out of unique logos, beautiful colour schemes and narratives that are strategic and pervasive.   

Discover how we blend insight with imagination and how these creative design and branding services help organisations unify their actions, branding tools, touch-points to create brand icons that last… Whether it’s naming, designing, communicating, or marketing your brand – trust in us as your “go-to” brand consultants. 

Refined product branding vision, strategy and kick-ass creativity

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