Implement EVP

Brand extends beyond how audiences perceive your company and its reputation – its tantamount to the Experience delivered to your internal tribe and customers.  Communication, Constancy, Consistency are key if wanting to accentuate a most relatable proposition, along with all those positive aspects and development opportunities the company has on offer.

Communicate Embed EVP The Higher Mix

The Higher Mix assists businesses to execute powerful EVP, anchor, internalise and promote it successfully – omni-channel/omni-device so quality talent, in and out of your organisationact on it. 

Employer Brand Implementation services

  • Understand your company’s competence to drive EVP goals, objectives (prevent disconnect or message confusion)
  • Guide execution, promotion of EVP strategy through channels
  • Adapt EVP product to widening stakeholder group
  • Focus firmly placed on improving talent acquisition practices/strategy
  • Demonstrate employer brand strategy in action, to achieve workforce needs, efficiencies
  • Asset management protocols: touch-point realignment (see framework below) 
  • Anchor EVP with Leaders and address culture levers
  • Guide production of practical EVP – brand collateral, compelling imagery, EVP and Employee Comms 
  • Career site content reviews, Creativity Technology
  • Engage internal departments and leaders and external vendors (employer and company brand)
  • Empower line managers and staff to convey EVP messaging; advocate for your organisation
  • Benchmark, measure, adjust – consistent monitoring, managing, review of EVP effectiveness (individual and company levels).

Accentuate relevant and relatable EVP across all touch-points:

The Higher Mix are strategic communication specialists and digital partners.  We understand community drivers, digital crowds and produce highly effective attraction, engagement and communication strategy.  

Executed face-to-face, across mobile devices, social media and various platforms for EVP and Employee communications.  As our client, you will receive compelling content that socialises, builds communities and resonates deeply with job seekers, passive candidates and internal teams.

Developing compelling content; socialised and resonating with job-seekers, passive candidates and internal teams. 

Communications strategies; face-to-face, across mobile devices, social media and various platforms for EVP and Employee communications:


  • Optimal communication mix, channels, platforms and investment to support EVP; internally and externally
  • Ensure EVP delivery dovetails with strategic intent, organisational brand strategy
  • Segment employee groups, align to staff preferences
  • EVP communications plans; activity planning; ideas, actions, communications to keep your EVP front of mind
  • Channel planning; creativity, recruitment marketing: critical target groups
  • Expand reach to target audiences – social media, search engines, networking sites, your own employment/career sites etc
  • Execute, embed EVP (e.g job ads, hiring, job descriptions, on-boarding, performance reviews etc)
  • Careers website re-invigoration 
  • Employee Communications refresh 
  • Technology use – demystify tools, technologies; capitalise on variety of actions, activities to stay connected (all levels)
  • Promoting more brand appeal, captivating stories, internal people management practices, differentiation (sector/rival differences)
  • EVP prevalence;  observe and measure EVP campaigns and communications.