EVP Strategy

We know employer branding improves company identity, image, employer reputation and consistency to market, building momentum, trust, and advocacy internally.    EVP Strategy is the pathway to achieving these outcomes – it will underpin your ability to ability to attract, retain, engage the very type of talent required by your organization.  EVP strategy takes identified brand appeal; known and latent strengths, capabilities, and mechanics for  EVP positioning – embedding this internally, demonstrating EVP widely externally, omni-channel, omni-device.  

Employee Value Propositions, EVP Strategy, EVP Outcomes The Higher Mix

Australian EVP Attributes

Certain fundamental attributes skilled talent will look for in organisations (as an Employer of Choice) before great talent makes the move and decides on which company they want to build on their careers with. 

Like some of the examples below – can revolve around culture, career growth, innovation, manager quality, challenging (empowered) work, pay for performance and a ‘values-driven’ organisation – yet you need to put your own spin on these; moreover are they really suitable for your particular organisation’s style and workplace etc? 

Australian EVP Attributes The Higher Mix

The Higher Mix will help you to develop set of unique Attributes and the accompanying EVP strategy to support execution of the EVP.   Throughout any EVP program, we will engage directly with workforce influencers so they feel included, part of a positive, on-the-move organisation.   Not forgetting your Leaders either;  embedding an EVP focus with them fosters commitment and drive, to support business, talent and skills strategies. 

Strengthen business relationships with your clients, suppliers, employment markets and regulatory bodies.

EVP-build sessions arrive at umbrella EVP (core proposition) after which we funnel through our EVP matrix.    EVP Strategy involves a review,  discussions, recapping the implications of EVP audit summary findings too.  Where we will challenge initial EVP themes (based on the evidence | research, environmental scan) – incl. reputational stigma /misconceptions/ negative perceptions.

In the same workshop, prioritize future EVP themes for claims-testing to help you consider the impact, authenticity, cost of implementation, competitors and more.   Before you finally arrive at finalized authentic EVP themes, on which you can all 

a) reach consensus;

b) remain confident these can be localised; 

c) that they are powerful enough to progress to next phase of your employer branding program.

EVP Support Services: 

  • Comprehensive Employer Brand Matrix (data) – differentiation, Identity concepts, memory structures, characteristics, benefit and value
  • Target-group strategy | critical roles | Skills blend | candidates specifics 
  • Production of compelling EVP Territories (EVP Attributes) and EVP Statements
  • Pilot and claims-test data-sets  
  • Applied consistency,ensure EVP resonates through employee life-cycles: processes, technology, practices, touch-points (incl. attraction,  retention, talent management)
  • Road-map Implementation; coherent approach to measure/ optimise employer brand  incl. talent management, recruitment strategy
  • Social content, Creativity Considerations:  Design, Position, Tone of Voice, Language, Imagery, Palette
  • Trial EVP strategy across locations/ states
  • Review, recommendations on internal brand strategy
  • Culture/organisational levers in support of EVP experience, desired culture
  • Coach Leaders on EVP delivery, behaviours,language.