Measure, Optimise EVP

Employer brands are managed, measured, and optimised regularly to meet the company’s goals and objectives.  Measuring EVP through the employer brand journey presents insights on how your employees feel about the company, as an engaged workplace, how effective the recruitment strategy is, and provides yet avenue to pressure-test your company’s position and reputation.

EVP Reporting

We advise on, provide clients with a host of metrics and optimization measures to ensure their new EVP remains relevant and competitive.   The finality of employer brand development phase involves Higher Mix team hosting your steering team in EVP Optimization/ Measurement workshops.   So organisations can be in the position to measure success, monitor results and achieve certainty the Employer Brand is gaining necessary traction, i.e. truly resonating – both with internal teams and potential talent/ candidates.

Optimise EVP, Measure success of EVP The Higher Mix

EVP Measurement-Optimization Framework

  • Bespoke EVP measurement/management framework introduced into your business
  • Metrics to monitor outcomes, success captured (workforce statistics, organisational attractiveness, brand associations and more) 
  • Agile combination of workforce analytics;  qualitative / quantitative  
  • Employer brand performance / KPIs
  • Benchmark, measure & adjust EVP
  • Optimise EVP environment (touch-points)
  • Advice on future best practice employer branding management practices.

Employer Brand KPIs

Some of simple recruiting, employer brand KPIs we could recommend include:  

  1. Employee Satisfaction | Commitment | Engagement
  2. Comparable Traffic to Careers Pages
  3. Competitor comparisons – large or small provides baseline to monitor progress
  4. Audience Demographics / Reach – Acquisition, Conversion of more visitors; adjustments to recruiting strategy
  5. Time to Hire  – is employer brand strategy driving greater efficiency?  Key indicator setting expectations; not only with candidates interviewed also with hiring managers.) 
  6. Applicant-to-Interview Ratios – tracks number of applications; diagnoses problems with job descriptions or sourcing choices 
  7. Cost-per-Hire (each recruiting channel) – overall recruiting performance, most effective recruitment channels, balanced with applicant-to-interview ratios allows for adjustment of employer brand strategy 
  8. Glassdoor Ratings; Visitors (as example surface metric to measure Employer brands) opinions, culture and values areas of Glassdoor, feedback on career opportunities and more.