Claims-Testing EVP

Employer brands make tangible claims, so as employee value propositions (EVP) are developed, close attention must be paid to your organization’s capacity and ability to deliver on that employer brand promise

Employer Brand Reputation Model The Higher Mix

Evidence and facts support what your company is about to claim to the market.

Strategic employer branding processes include the opportunity to pressure-test your EVP internally, across segments and locations, with wider audiences in a very safe environment.   

Any disjoint can destroy credibility, trust and seriously undermine your company’s reputation, in fact, the entire employer brand.  So claims-testing EVP occurs after the development of EVP Strategy   

In a co-design process with OD/HR teams, The Higher Mix crafts key proof-point test questions bespoke for your company needs.    Then we facilitate upbeat focus groups to claims-test the new or refreshed EVP territories.    This followed by our analysts interrogating the data-sets, so companies are assured that this EVP/employer brand developed is authentic, relevant, and entirely deliverable. 


Testing EVP authenticity and messaging is important.  Realising you have indeed arrived at real statements your people and potential talent will relate to.  The very reason why we enlist a selection of your internal team to contribute into forming Company EVP initially, and its anticipated communications strategy.  These internal (sometimes external) people, gives us the opening to galvanize them around that new EVP, get them on board, giving them a real voice in whole employer branding process.    True value behind such an engagement process, with your people cannot be underestimated.

Brand Continuum

Key inputs, fast-facts wrap critical thinking around your new EVP claims.  Following this valuable stakeholder feedback – The Higher Mix consultants then analyze data-sets to highlight where even more value resides; strengths (and potential gaps to correct with your  EVP territories.)   

Proof points we garner from your own people’s viewpoints, before converting these into EVP territories and a series of specific, compelling EVP statements (claims) most unique to your company.  Prior to us beginning to work those EVP statements through with Leaders to embed the EVP.

Tweaking your EVP in line with this feedback is the key.  Rounding out the exercise to include Leader’s inputs, we then formally present the EVP strategy to senior management; for their collective input on what, if anything in your new Employer Brand strategy has to improve, prior to execution.

Claims testing aside, our team at The Higher Mix enjoys guiding organizations with their pre-existing brand protocols, through wonderful processes to scale their existing businesses, as well as the Employer Brand.   

Whatever stage you are at….building, socialising, embedding and internalising it – get in touch so we can assist you to cascade the new EVP through your entire organisation and beyond.