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Employer Branding

The Higher Mix are employer branding specialists; guiding organisations to discover new ways to differentiate from competitors and appeal authentically to prized talent with valuable skill-sets.  

We deliver fully manageable, cost-effective, beautiful end-to-end employer branding that continues to drive awareness, engagement and convert necessary audiences.  Full-scale, full-continuum employer brand strategy, delivery and optimisation.  ‘Living systems’ agile approach, best-practice employer brand strategy and processes that extend way beyond just creating an Employee Value Proposition (EVP).     

What is an EVP?

Evidence-based employer branding delivers engagement, brand prominence and appeal. 

All organisations have an employer brand, whether consciously, actively developed or not.

Human capital management remains a top priority for all types of businesses – the evidence indicates having top talent can yield double-digit investment savings and growth by accelerating transformation processes by as much as 40%.   

Employer Branding Snapshot Employer Branding Framework  Employer Brand Model  The Higher Mix

Employer branding examines a broad range of elements; of the “deal” important to both team and potential talent. 

Strong, strategic employer branding allows for flexibility to target key employee groups (high performers, critical skills team-members,  high potentials etc).  Making it easier (and far cheaper!) for organisations to attract, and recruit quality people; to build talent pools and engage with their own people at the same time.

Why is Employer Branding Important? 

Businesses of all maturity levels can benefit from extraordinary EVP.  Use it to prosper with favourable positioning in prevailing labour market conditions, to craft compelling company stories, EVP strategy and a road-map for deeper engagement, access to skilled talent, and for next level discretionary effort from existing talent.   



Full Service Employer Branding:  End-To-End Strategy, Delivery, Optimisation.

The Higher Mix develops fully manageable, cost-effective employer brands.  Approaching EVP development as a cultural exercise is what makes us truly different from other providers.  Shaping, influencing company reputations, developing fresh positioning for the brand externally and engaging directly with managers, teams internally to anchor a new EVP.  

All through the employer branding program, we invest time to truly get to understand a business; company goals, recruitment needs, workforce planning strategy,  entire talent realm; processes | practices it uses to identify, source talent externally, manner in which the organisation develops, retains and rewards its own workforce too. Communicate Embed EVP The Higher Mix


As important, analysing to alter critical touch-points which hinder achievement of enhanced candidate experience and employee life-cycle.