Brand Research and Evaluation

Every brand culture program or agile project with The Higher Mix will either involve research and using the existing evidence. 

For company knowledge and insights as to how a business | brand is being perceived, used by consumers and other stakeholders (incl. internal teams, suppliers, partners etc.) Research and Evaluation group here are using a range of quant and qual diagnostic tools and evaluation techniques to observe and measure human interactions, experiences and gauge perceptions and motivations.

Research, Evaluate and Report on Brands. 

A responsible part of planning;  regardless of the objective – research is required to transform, extend or clarify strategy.

So for actionable knowledge, game-changing insights, evaluation and research studies which offer the organisation a clearer view of the competitive landscape; real clarity into the implications of company strategy, and of workplace sentiment, structure, projects and much more. 

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  • Business intelligence for strategic planning purposes; actionable data on prospects, challenges
  • Expansive view of causality; dimensions to team and customer interactions
  • Evaluate operational readiness; business structures, roles & responsibilities, workflows, limiting systems | touch-points | practices
  • Engaging with key stakeholders (customers, community, teams, managers, and execs) 
  • Validation of current company practices and performance
  • Analysis “as is” organisational health
  • Illuminate knowledge skills gaps
  • Assess relevance, prevalence of company core messaging, communications and channel effectiveness.


  • Evaluative research; process usability, usefulness
  • Stakeholder participatory research (teams, management, clients)
  • Assess internal brand environments and servicing – observe, measure,  interpret
  • Brand health, equity and position
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Climate, Satisfaction, Engagement, Alignment research
  • Customer care – client experience and satisfaction
  • Employee experience plot, identify gaps; ideal solution
  • Culture assessment, identification
    • Quantitative:   survey design, administration, analysis and recommendations
    • Qualitative:      in-depth interviews, workshops, focus groups (design, observe, facilitate)
  • Innovation pulse-checks
  • Employee mindsets / opinion – elicit relevant, important data
  • Brand communications review
  • Sales and marketing ROI assessments
  • Culture (competing values)
  • Industry trends analysis
  • Surveys, interviews, workshops, focus groups and retreats.