Customer Value Proposition (CVP)

Value propositions; EVP and CVP  are critical elements of any business model, mostly for their appeal and influence wielded upon team and customer appeal and decision-making drivers.    Specifically, customer value propositions involve intimately understanding what the customers really want, what their problem is, just how your company (or product) uniquely provides this solution. 

The Higher Mix team members are directly involved in developing fresh, inviting value propositions EVP and CVP for over 18 years.


Customers need compelling reasons to change their behaviour.  Putting it plainly,  if your product or service isn’t important to what the customers do, or it doesn’t eliminate some sort of pain-point (provide a massive benefit in some way to them) then chances are, its back to the drawing board because clearly there’s a weak CVP.  

In developing value propositions, product developers must move beyond features; commodity benefits even – get deep down to the WHY;   identify real ’emotional’  benefit the company or product delivers to customers / consumers/ teams. 

Crafting Powerful Customer Value Propositions:  

  • We help to redevelop value propositions; market offers
  • Link CVP and EVP to unforgettable experiential experiences
  • Strategy to deliver superior value to customers, teams, candidates 
  • Competitive positioning?  Just how your brand compares with similar competitor offerings?
  • Identify incremental value, lifting your business ‘above the pack’
  • Ascertain/ overcome underlying reasons for lack of success in a business
  • Brand promise (how your service or product will make peoples’ lives better?)
  • Clear positioning statements (as an internal guide) 
  • Compelling narratives portrayed externally and internally.

Creating a Positioning Statement

Positioning statements explain how your product solves certain customers’ problems, improving their situations (relevancy), delivering very specific benefits (quantified value) and informing the ideal customer/s just why they should be buying from you – and not from the competition (differentiation).

With several essential elements to a best-in-class positioning statement – why not Contact Us for more details.