Brand Optimization

Brand management and optimisation are becoming far more complex; that process of building mind-share, profile and of course, viability (read: success) of your product/service.  

Brands are controllable assets that necessitate deliberate steering, measurement and action (esp. if things aren’t going quite so well.)    The Higher Mix intimately knows strategic brand management.  Our consultants have been working in brand and marketing for over twenty years.  Direct interventions which enhance brand positions, in a most sustainable way – more presence, greater brand value.

Why Brand Management?

Marketing activities –  implicit or explicit, promote brand awareness across channels.  Quite aside from leveraging or promoting your USP  (unique selling propositions  CVP, EVP, OVP), managing brand is an ongoing process.   Understanding, measuring and altering how your product and company fits into its market and into the heads of customers.  Choosing the optimal brand position that will work for you; most appropriate mediums and means for that promotion – and then, effectively, efficiently measuring how the marketing imperatives and activities are actually performing for you. 

Brand evolution remains important, likewise authentic marcomms: but it si brand consistency and ROI that are even more so. 

The Higher Mix steers existing businesses to optimise their brand marketing, in agile ways – protecting the brand and its reputation, internally and with crisis management services externally.

Brand Management, Brand Measurement, Optimisation 

  • Explore, exploit cross-channel experiences and brand equity
  • Leverage brand assets and opportunities; line extensions, value propositions and services
  • Quant, qual evaluation and analytics
  • Brand-Connect: attributes, tools and conversations
  • Scalable, flexible brand standards
  • Brand Identity Guidelines
  • Crisis management, reputational advice and support
  • Training and support – brand management modules
  • Reinforce stories of on-brand behaviour and success
  • Brand culture requirements applied to annual planning processes.
  • Business/brand preservation and continuity

Brand Management Strategies:

  • Power of the Internal Brand.  Brand Ambassadors & Influencers.

Key brand management principle is getting internal adoption (essential for maintaining brand consistency.)  When any business ideates, evolves its brand, it should do so collaboratively, gaining buy-in from internal departments and external stakeholders, incorporating those views into the brand positioning.

  • Brand Consistency:   Effectively, Efficiently Manage Brand Assets.

The Higher Mix helps companies to refocus on their internal teams, foster more brand ambassadors, and capitalise on their buy-in to be able to communicate effectively the brand elements from multiple perspectives.  Using Influencers to evangelise the brand too (target markets trust groups of people without a vested interest; they’re perceived to be more believable and trustworthy.)

  • Create, Manage, Share, Secure Your Brand Assets.

Similarly, with brand assets – easily created, not always consistently used.  Strategic brand principles extend beyond internal processes;  user-generated content, in digestible formats, adhering to company brand standards, with brand guidelines at the ready, clear protocols and brand associations, key messaging and brand voice.    We know brands are often challenging to manage.   Brand assets, style-guides, brand imagery, videos, colour pallete, logos and list goes on. 

Branding process design involves setting up branding workflows, implementing easy-to-follow clear, simple guidelines, simplifying access with easy, intuitive digital asset management tools for better search-ability for your teams.  We advise on:  

  • Which DAM system?
  • Enterprise systems integration of the digital asset management technology
  • Brand portals
  • Workflows / Collaboration
  • Digital rights management/IP partner providers

Helping organisations get a handle on brand management efforts; so they can create, manage content far more efficiently

  • Strategic Creativity

The Higher Mix helps businesses fulfill their company branding objectives, providing brand strategy and brand guidelines – all so integral to content creation workflows.  We revise, introduce new brand assets with clients, clear explanation and direction to guide creative teams to innovate (reiterate to strategic targets but not hamstringing their creativity).  Keeping them focused on the overarching strategy (ensure there’s sound planning and brand design processes for all external communications -website updates, social media posts, content marketing, online campaigns and more.)

  • Crisis Management, Prevention

As part of brand management strategy we also support organisations with the pathway, capabilities and tools to step in fast; respond proactively and competently deal with any unplanned, unexpected crisis. Rapid, responsive communications ensure not only the security and safety of internal and external stakeholders, but speedier decision-making.   

Aligned to internal disaster response teams, providing the necessary advice, communications support, strategy and relevant, critical marketing responses from your executives.    

Contact our highly-experienced team at The Higher Mix – strategic communications advisers, brand experts on-call.  Crisis management associates at the ready helping to prevent any potential damage to business operations, the brand or company reputation.