Brand Alignment

Brand Alignment is focused on creating the unity that drives efficiency.  Central to effectively optimizing business growth, very similar to churn rate, alignment actually predicts future size and success of organizations. 

Brand-Centric OrganisationsCreating alignment between brands, business strategy, culture, closing competency gaps, and improving operational performance – our consultants help to manage brand-led organisational change practices and brand marketing which brings people together, across entire organisations to improve collaboration and alignment.

Brand Consistency = Aligned Behaviours, Business, and Brand.

Brand Alignment Strategy and Services

  • Supportive language and symbols
  • Create alignment within/between multi-brand companies, cultures, teams and geographies
  • Singular focus – prioritising new vision, direction and strategy 
  • Full-stack implementation/execution of your brand, marketing and business strategy
  • Embed brand identity, associations, culture and values
  • Active ownership:  outcomes-concentrated with clearer decision-making
  • Measuring alignment (brand health).
  • Singular focus; prioritise new direction and vision
  • Build team capability and accountability
  • Cultural flash-points, injecting more of the moments that really matter to stakeholders
  • Coaching and empowerment
  • Overcoming silos; micro-coalitions, factions – mastering dissent or conflict
  • Introduce employee-based brand equity into the business
  • Right structure, processes in place to deliver
  • Reinforce clarity, discipline and consistency.

Brand Advocates, Brand Experience The Higher Mix

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