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We elevate ‘branding’ from its current pigeonhole as a general marketing activity, to an expansive Management Approach.   Our mandate is to help your organisation and its people highlight and deliver the authenticity, gratification, and fulfillment customers (and your own team) wants from the brand.No other brand consultancy develops brands, in quite the same way we do.

As a hybrid brand and culture practice, we are renowned for creating and building powerful brand profiles, driving people performance, profitability, and market share, and deriving increased stakeholder/shareholder engagement and value, in the process.

Revitalising Brands;  Businesses, Marketing, Products, and People.

Branding Services Suite:

Brand Value, Financial Position The Higher Mix

Don't play in the margins.

Pairing projects to your most important strategic priorities. Optimizing brand marketing approaches, tactics, channel conveyors, and introducing new company capabilities and technologies when, where they are required.

Our business and projects consultants improve the work life, alter forces internal and external brand-build, shape great leaders and deliver change into businesses. Fully operationalising brand strategy that breaks with category convention; guiding people and organisations to deal with highly-fluid marketing environments, and to get brand marketing results, fast.

We deliver Insight and Real Results...not a process.

Brand is vital to your company’s viability, sustainability and commercial success.  We help businesses with the deep insight fast, redesigning growth paths and unraveling value and opportunities you didn’t know you have.   
Innovative Branding (be that employer or company drives deeper emotion; simplifies decisions, generates trust, inspires purpose and connects teams.  
Innovative Branding (be that employer or company drives deeper emotion; simplifies decisions, generates trust, inspires purpose and connects teams.  
So our mandate is to lift engagement, brand reputation, to engage talent and improve both brand and consumer experience.  Evolving the brand and culture though takes time, and balance of operational and strategic tensions.  
Our brand-marketing-culture processes are more agile, clear; affordable and simple for our clients.
Dramatic improvement isn’t found in complexity.
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Engagement, Conversion and Brand Mind-Share. 

Evolving brands (and culture) takes time and a balancing of operational and strategic tension.   The Higher Mix uses brand as the central theme (platform) to develop agile culture, company profiles, improve reputations, operations, customer and team experiences.   

Tap into your team’s collective skill and strengths for competitive advantage in what’s an increasingly commoditised marketplace to better meet customer expectations, lift satisfaction levels and preserve brand loyalty.

  • Accelerate brand | business performance | profitability | market share | stakeholder & shareholder engagement
  • Compelling Brand Articulation 
  • Improving brand positions
  • Captivating Communications; consistent, clear, authentic narratives.
  • Aligned Brand Strategy  
  • Build, sustain brand value – personal, company and employer brands
  • Monitor markets, sources of brand equity, explore organic, inorganic growth opportunities
  • Improve internal brand environments;  behaviours, systems, practices (reliability, dependability, service) 
  • Operational readiness – identify, overcome barriers, gaps
  • Engage and ignite people. 
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