AI Consortium

Aligning to solve complex business and project issues.   AI visions becoming the reality.

Our collective of AI experts, machine learning specialists, 20 year management consultants and data scientists have a bold vision to strategically transform businesses for the future of work.   Unique approach of combining AI with people, data, analytics and automation - to bust companies out of their silos, extend their depth of knowledge, visibility and reach, across functions and processes simultaneously.






Delivering more connected businesses and people 

Examining business problems differently.  

The AI competitive window of opportunity available to businesses will be for a short time only; to turn obstacles into opportunities.   

Where to start, how to scale?   Strong strategy as the basis making the right investment/s for transformation, showing businesses how they can use AI to quickly evaluate, discover patterns and rapidly scale more opportunities, projects and skills. 

  • understand more about AI adoption, it’s use and role in driving enterprise value
  • consider how they improve processes, services, interactions, with a staged approach to the assessment of future value
  • establish limited pilots to test hypotheses, gain knowledge needed, and calculate the value of scaling up
  • an ability move at pace into the new AI project; integrating AI and data with legacy systems (internal and external)
  • guided choice of AI projects (the ones that matter) even with-when-where future risks / returns are yet to be quantified
  • Safely cycle through different approaches, and test internally
  • find, seize hidden value in their data;  turning more of it into new revenue
  • how they can use AI to support / simplify the skills of their people, to reskill workforces and keep up with new automation (help leaders better manage diverse, often remote workforces at the same time)
  • get clear with important stakeholders of the exploratory nature of AI.  That it can/does deliver unexpected, additional insights - alternative results, often no less valuable than the primary targets.
  • to make those big-bet, future-shaping decisions confidently, and keep the business in the healthy "thrive" position.   

To achieve all this, companies do need to strike the right balance between their in-house AI innovation and external collaboration.   

Our consortium has the flexibility to align with almost any other technology partner/group.    Get in touch by clicking the learn more box below and we will be in touch. 

Learn more about Research in Organisations.

Together with our AI partners, we collectively leverage many of the following with customers, and within ProjectAI's technology platform. Categorizing artificial intelligence as:


  • Taxonomy (Public / Private)
  • Ontology (Upper / Domain)
  • Semantic Nets
  • Rules / Frames
  • Inference


  • Computer Vision / Image Processing
  • Speech Recognition / Audio Processing
  • Object Recognition
  • Other Sensor-Based Recognition


  • Supervised Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Deep Learning


  • Future Modelling
  • Resource Optimisation
  • Multi-Agent Planning
  • Cooperation / Competition
  • Swarm Intelligence


  • Information Retrieval
  • Text Mining
  • Question Answering / Chatbots
  • Machine Translation
  • Semantic NLP


  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Multi-Agent Modelling
  • Game Theory
  • Virtual Assistants